The News: Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

When Georgia football players are accused of crimes — which is often — this fixer shows up 

As theorized by Einstein, time flowed slower way back when 

Gizmodo and Kotaku staff furious after owner announces move to AI content 

Twitter's decline: Gradual, then sudden

A third of North America's birds have vanished 

Yesterday was the hottest day ever as global temperatures rise

Splooting behavior in animals signals extreme heat made worse by climate change 

New paper links climate change to shrinking brain size in humans 

Study deepens our understanding of how humans affect climate change 

Global climate institutions have embraced the primacy of capital, private firms, and markets — and in so doing have fatally undermined their own efficacy 

Only 5% of national TV news segments on the record-shattering heat wave that scorched Texas mentioned climate change 

Half the police force quit. Crime dropped. 

Ohio prison system bans java computer manual, but allows Hitler's Mein Kampf  

Black man sues after being shot in the mouth while handcuffed by deputies 

No charges after 17-year-girl dies in agony of untreated infection at "Academy" that's buddy-buddy with local cops 

Cop used "marijuana" subterfuge to trigger mall gunfight 

My browser history
without the porn

The perfect game that also sucked
by Jen Ramos Eisen

Marie Helmey, the last of the hot lead typesetters
by Bruce Anderson

The day my friend B N Duncan died
by Ace Backwords

Is Defector good at sports?
A Hell Gate investigation

Civil rights wade-ins 

The capitol crawl 

Flood bypass tunnels 

A Nightmare on Elm Street:
Based on a true story, sort of

Mystery links
There's no knowing where you're going




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♫♬  It don't mean a thing  ♫
if it don't have that swing

Across the Universe —  Hikaru Utada 

500 Miles — Celtic Thunder 

The Man Who Sold the World —  Nirvana 

Stairway to Heaven — Heart 

Take On Me — Reel Big Fish 

Eventually, everyone
leaves the building

Robert Black

Monte Cazazz

Mo Foster 

Joseph Pedot

H Lee Sarokin


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  1. Captain HampocketsJuly 5, 2023 at 10:01 AM

    Most interesting Stairway cover is Zappa:


    1. Maybe better sound:


    2. That was amazing. Better than the original and better than Heart. Wow.

    3. I'm gonna be the Zappa asshole -

      Just wanna point out that every time I share a Zappa song with you, you enjoy it.

      He wasn't just an amazing guitarist, he was a genius musician.

    4. Wait, you think just because I've loved every Zappa number you've recommended, I might like Zappa?

      It's possible, I suppose.

  2. The lads ought to be able to play SOMETHING . . . .



  3. That's why throughout my adult life I've never been able to write ". . . going to California", but ALWAYS "Going to California with an achin' in my heart."


    1. Shut up I should, says the Yoda on my shoulder, because I know so little about music. But jeez, I ain't wild about it.

      "Going to California" is a song I'd never heard before, or heard of.

      Maybe the song would grow on me if I'd heard it over and over on the radio hit parade.

      I like the lyrics, and Google tells me it's sort of a love letter to Joni Mitchell, and I like her.

      The tune, though, and the singer's kinda squeaky voice. I'm not instantly on board, sorry.

    2. That's Led Zeppelin, a totally electric, loud, raucous group which, like The Who, lost their drummer to drink, playing acoustic instruments (and no drums) singing a song to, as you note, Joni Mitchell. I couldn't find anything by the Lennon Sisters. They sing purdy.

      as always,


    3. Actually, that's all from memory. The sound board on my computer blew a gasket a week ago. (I think sound boards have gaskets). In any case, all I can do is lip read, which I'm sort of used to because my own sound board is on the fritz and I can't understand what quiet people are saying. I need to squirt some fritz in my ear.


    4. You're pretty sure it isn't just a blown speaker? When a long-ago laptop had the same symptoms, there was sound again when I plugged in an aux speaker.

    5. I've been to only half a dozen or so big time pop music concerts, and one of them was the Lennon Sisters, circa 1975.

      They were pretty damn good.

      My lack of knowledge is amazing — I know Led Zep was a loud band, but were they always loud? "Going to California" was their one and only not-loud song? That sorta changes my reception.

    6. Well, Stairway to Heaven was sort of quiet unless you played it on 11 like I did. Yeah, they were a loud band.


    7. So you would have been about 17. That's about the time I went to see Sly and the Family Stone. There must be a story about how you ended up at a Lennon Sisters concert. I didn't even know they toured.

      By the way, though I've posted this vid before here it is again. The youngest brother of the Lennon Sisters, Kip Lennon is singing lead while Skunk Baxter and Nathen East
      get it on behind him. He does a good job. I don't recall the Sisters covering any Steely Dan, but I can't say it couldn't happen.



    8. The most surprising concert I went to was Hendrix. He didn't need to be loud -- he was good. When Garth Brooks was touring, the concession stands all sold earplugs. True story. No need with Hendrix. He got his sound without blowing the roof off. Just for the hell of it, he played the first side of his first album. Maybe just to show that the effects weren't post-production. It was all Hendrix magic. Note for note: he killed it. After he'd made his point, he just kept playing unbelievable stuff for another hour or so.


    9. No real story re the Lennon Sisters. I was at Magic Mountain to ride the rides, my feet were tired, and the concert was free with admission to the park, so why not.

      I am... unsure about Kipp Lennon being related to the fabulous Sisters of Lennonhood. Wikipedia says "citation needed" after making that claim, and I think I'm gonna stand with Wikipedia. Seems to be common info all over the internet, but I'd want to see it in Lennon's official bio.

      Ten minutes later, because the internet is a marvelous thing, I'll retract the above paragraph. I'm fairly well convinced by this clipping from the SF Chronicle.

      Awfully dark for the Lennon Sisters.

      Perhaps the biggest surprise is, they put on a pretty good concert at Magic Mountain.

    10. All I know about Garth Brooks is during the first Gulf War, when America was on one of its rah-rah kill-em-all streaks, I worked with two women who were very outspoken in their support for that particular atrocity. I grew exasperated talking with either of them, and both of them went to a Garth Brooks concert together.

    11. One of my heroes, Kinky Friedman, calls Garth Brooks the Anti-Hank, referring, of course, to Hank Williams. He was all that and less. I used to dance a little, and line dancing is to dancing what Garth Brooks is to Hank Williams.

      Kip Lennon's Wikipedia article references him as the youngest Lennon brother. In general, Wikipedia gets it right.


  4. Teachers and high-fallutin' journalists say not to trust Wikipedia, but I heard a lot more BS from teachers and read more from journalists than I've found in the ol' Wiki.


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