The News: Monday, July 10. 2023


Biden to nominate Elliott Abrams, who lied over Iran-Contra, to key panel
    Sometimes I wonder why someone like Biden goes into politics. As a young man, was he driven by a passion to make the world the same place it's always been?

Seattle goes to court against chalk-on-sidewalk graffiti criminals
    "The victims of graffiti — the public as a whole, business owners, property owners, and others – must have a voice. Graffiti is a crime that has an enormously negative and costly impact."
    To be clear, that's City Attorney Ann Davison talking about the "enormously negative and costly impact" and the "victims"… of chalk on the sidewalk.

US religious right at center of anti-LGBTQ+ message pushed around the world
    If these Republicans ever met Jesus, they'd have him arrested.

No discipline for Texas judge who used racial slur to describe Latino defendants
    How would you feel, if your name was Hernandez or Rodriguez, walking into court to have this judge decide your fate?

French President Macron wants the authority to block social media to curb protests

Reddit NSFW protesters now given "final warning" by company 

Aussie wingnut accuses zoo of faking the whole "gay penguins" thing

Maker of mysterious octagons on the seafloor finally revealed 

Earth saw hottest day yet Thursday, the fourth straight global record 

Farmers are struggling all across the Corn Belt 

Heat waves of climate change could fuel urban violence

Disgraced sports doctor Larry Nassar stabbed multiple times at Florida federal prison
    Nothing bad that happens to Nassar could make me sad, but I gotta say this:
    When you're in the custody of cops or jailors, ensuring your safety is part of their job.
    So every time someone's assaulted by cops, or assaulted in a jail or prison, even (like in this case) when the assailants aren't cops or guards, still, every time, a cop or a guard needs to be fired or at least disciplined.
    Which, it goes without saying, doesn't happen nearly as often as the assaults.

Florida sheriff's office employee allegedly made up a story about two Black men attempting to carjack him – after he shot himself in the leg while "playing" with his gun 

San Francisco sends the riot squad to round up skateboarding kids 

Henry County sheriff to make "changes" after four deputies suspended for use of force 

Witness says several cops were standing over bloodied and beaten man, and then the cops left 

Racism and ethical lapses alleged at San Bernardino Police Department 

Point Pleasant's detective commander caught on surveillance shoplifting at Walmart 

Illinois Police Chief is suspended with pay for "unspecified reasons" 

Cop indicted on 119 counts of child porn 

Family of Melissa Perez files lawsuit after (another) police / mental health killing

Florida bans driver's licenses of immigrants living in US illegally
    My immediate thought is that this violates Article IV, Section I of the Constitution, wherein states must respect the laws and judgments of other states.
    More immediately and obviously, I don't think illegal immigrants visiting Florida will suddenly park their cars and stop driving, but when there's an accident they'll be more likely to flee the scene, and when there's a crime they'll be more likely not to report it.

"He kicked me in my balls" — Fight at Michigan Republican meeting turns physical
    More Republican ball-kicking, please.

Another "Moms" Moms" group funded by Big Lie donors is stoking voter suppression 

Tennessee's war on trans people: court OKs ban on gender-affirming care as Attorney General demands medical records 

The only shocking thing about Clarence Thomas' corruption is how little we're doing about it


The trillion-dollar grift: Pandemic relief 

What did people do before smartphones? No-one can remember.
    Nobody remembers thinking, from back before smartphones. The article is supposed to be humorous, perhaps, though to me it's simply sad.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair: An infamous First Amendment activist becomes the "most hated woman in America," then mysteriously disappears (podcast)

When an app asks for permissions... 

Remaining calm about climate change will kill us
by Adam McKay

The stats are in on Cannon
    If you're old like me, you might remember Cannon, a 1970s private dick show. I watched weekly, and can still whistle the snappy theme song.
    Well, some old dude watched the entire box set to tally the action: 103 fist fights, and 183 gunfights. 

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Groundhogmanay of the Daleks 

That's a lot of laundry 

Bob Newhart on King Kong 

Even the bathroom rotates 





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  1. Fuck my ass, I just lost a long comment due to my own stupidity.

    I assure you, it was brilliant.

    Glad you liked the Madalyn podcast. "Swindled" is good, IMO

    1. > I assure you, it was brilliant.

      The sharpest, most insightful thing you've never said.

    2. Wishing violence, more Republican ball-kicking, is beneath you. come ON man.

    3. Captain HampocketsJuly 11, 2023 at 5:13 PM


      I won't presume to speak for Doug, but I know him well, and I think he'd agree with my assertion that every fucking Republican politician should be repeatedly kicked in the balls or vulva, as required.

    4. There's nothing beneath me except a recliner, but I'm not kicking anyone in the groin until after my nap.


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