The News: Saturday, July 8. 2023


Musk signs onto letter pledging Tesla's commitment to China's "core socialist values" to continue operations in the country

Robotaxi haters in San Francisco are disabling the driverless vehicles with traffic cones
Excellent. This is tech that's nowhere near road-ready.

Film companies demand names of Reddit users who discussed piracy in 2011
Yet another reason to feel no guilt over pirating your motion picture entertainment. 

The US is destroying the world's last (known) chemical weapons stockpile 

Official has cartoon murals painted over at children's asylum center — "too welcoming"
The UK apparently hates its immigrants almost as much as America hates ours.

"Unfriendly political environment": Broward convention cancellations blame Florida as reason for exodus

Volunteers running Reddit's BotDefense anti-spam system walk away
My guesstimate is that Reddit — with BotDefense up and running — was at least 20% bots posting articles, and then bots having conversations about those bot-posted articles. Without BotDefense? Yikes.

Here's BotDefense laying down its defenses 

Much controversy over plans for historically-themed International House of Pancakes in historic Fishkill, NY 

Tracy Chapman becomes the first black woman to write a #1 country/western single 

Earth's average temperature hits all-time high for third consecutive day 

Scientists raise alarm over risk of simultaneous global food supply shocks due to climate change
Even regional crop failures would be a crisis, if there are no distant crops to try rushing to the rescue.

63 cruise ships owned by Carnival Corporation released more toxic sulfur gasses than all the cars in Europe, study says 

Climate change is helping this new deadly virus to spread across Europe 

Climate change affects different species differently, which could cause havoc if one species does well, but its prey foes extinct 

New accounts of abuse at federal prison prompt renewed calls for investigation
...which will lead to nobody getting fired or prosecuted, and no meaningful changes.

Veterinarian sues after Sheriff's Department covers up police dog's death in hot patrol cruiser
It's not even the doggy death that pisses me off, as much as the cover-up. Guess some of us didn't learn anything from Watergate.

'Procedural violations' found after another Rikers inmate dies
It is obnoxious how many inmates die at the Rikers city jail in New York, and also obnoxious how much nobody seems to give a damn.

NYPD car chases up massively under Mayor Adams — with sometimes fatal results 

Seven Republican attorneys general threaten Target over Pride display 

Republican Congressman says Barbie movie shows communist China's influence on Hollywood 

Convicted, imprisoned, and pardoned by Trump, Republican ex-Congressman mulls return to Congress 

"Don't Say Gay" Republican lawmaker accused of sexual harassment by two male staffers 

My second encounter with the joyful warriors of Moms for Liberty 

Republican Senator's public records law violations just cost his constituents $242,000 


Oil and gas executives want us to accept climate change so they can keep profiteering 

A forgotten minor scandal at The New Yorker, remembered 26 years later 

• And here's the article they're talking about
People like that are the only people here 

How will today's science be viewed in a hundred years? 

Dobie steam-powered cars 

So, are steam-driven cars impractical? 

♫♬  AUDIO  ♫

Bad Moon Rising — Creedence Clearwater Revival 

Eminence Front — The Who 

Let's Make the Water Turn Black — Frank Zappa 

One Size Fits All — Frank Zappa 

The World Isn't Fair — Randy Newman 

๐Ÿ‘  VIDEO  ๐Ÿ‘

We found and saved 10 years of lost video game history 

Matteo Lane: Hair Plugs & Heartache 

Kinky Friedman talks about Nelson Mandela 





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  1. Captain HampocketsJuly 8, 2023 at 4:52 PM

    Fast Car, man. I don't have words to describe how that song makes me feel. This dude's version is perfectly fine. But the original is a capital letters Great Song.

    1. Damn it, every time any of y'all talk about great old songs I spend an hour listening to great old songs... which is kinda great, actually.

  2. I am here for the laughs and movie reviews. You're a good writer but you know that. I am glad you do news and links too. I don't follow news much because it is so depressing, and always I learn something and find something and get more depressed by your summaries, so good work.

    1. Well, there you go — learning something, and getting depressed about it. Guess my work here is done.

  3. The truly great song here is The World Isn't Fair by Randy Newman. Was just thinking about it the other day: The rich keep getting richer and the poor you don't ever have to see/ because it would depress us Karl/ because we care/ that the world still isn't fair.

    Sadly, on the money.

    1. Had Randy Newman just put out I Think It's Going to Rain Today, Louisiana 1927, Mama Told Me Not to Come, and Sail Away, he'd be considered a genius, but he recorded so much more. He's a national treasure.



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