The News: Friday, July 7, 2023


"Double agents": fossil-fuel lobbyists work for US groups trying to fight climate crisis

Trumpian Judge restricts Biden administration's ability to stem misinformation on social media 

For the first time, US allows UN investigators to take to Guantanamo victims 

Dylan Mulvaney says Bud Light did nothing to defend her against an avalanche of harassment from right-wingers 

Oklahoma schools superintendent says Tulsa race massacre wasn't, um, about race 

The Arctic is farting 'ancient' methane and it's scary as hell 

Experts say climate change likely to increase US malaria cases 

Human adaptation to heat can't keep up with human-caused climate change 

Malaria is back in Florida and Texas 

California sheriff's deputy accused of raping intoxicated victim: police 

Multiple David Sosas ask Supreme Court to overturn decision saying it’s fine to arrest ANY David Sosa when cops are seeking a SPECIFIC David Sosa 

Officer for second Mississippi department implicated in alleged torture, shooting and attempted sexual assault of two men 

New York City buys $90,000 in submachine guns for officers at Rikers 

Inglewood police officer arrested for narcotics trafficking 

Sacramento Sheriff is sharing license plate reader data with anti-abortion states, records show 

FBI hired same social media surveillance firm that falsely labeled Black Lives Matter organizers "threat actors" 

Idiot Republican gets thrown out of House Idiots Caucus for insulting another idiot Republican 

Trump tells women's group that Democrats want to take away their washers and dryers 

Conservatives are falsely blaming a mass shooting on trans people, again 

Trump-loving lawmaker faces legal trouble for sharing X-rated Hunter Biden images 

Republicans are losing money because of Trump 

DeSantis clings to a weird right-wing meme in chasing the misogynistic-sociopath vote 

"He could stand on the front steps of the White House and commit murder and I'm with him," says Trump supporter 


How the Obama administration helped kill the democratic uprising across the Middle East

The good, the bad, and the incredibly ugly in the court ruling regarding government contacts with social media 

Republicans talk deficit reduction, but what they actually do — time after time after time — is raise it via corporate giveaways 

For most people living in the United States, owning a car is a necessity, not a choice

I've reported on gun violence in the US for more than a year and I just can't get used to it 

♫♬  AUDIO  ♫

Beast of Burden — Bette Midler 

Home of the Brave — Jody Miller 

Joe's Garage — Frank Zappa 

Kind of Magic — Queen 

Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat — Sparks 

👁  VIDEO  👁

Peter Fernandez voices David Letterman, 1986 

Tom Hanks says he won't appear on Letterman's new CBS show 

When not-Michael Jackson performed "Clean It" in a McDonald's training video 

Lunar globes 

Mall City: A Cultural Adventure 





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Edward Fredkin 

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  1. In the 1960s, you were either a Beatles person or a Stones person. Of course there were other bands, but if you were serious about music, you had to choose between the Stones and the Beatles.

    I have always been a fan of American vernacular music which is mostly Black music of one kind or another (except country which is even still pretty white). That should have made me a Stones guy. They paid their dues to R&B and Soul and The Blues on every album and I appreciate people who whip it out and pay for the privilege. But alas, I was a Beatles guy, and bought and played their albums. I liked the Stones just fine, and Mick knew how to sing. He also knew how to cover, and when he was singing Robert Johnson, he damn well treated him as the Master. Bette Midler covering Mick is iffy on her best day with the wind at her back, and I got my cans working (speakers still broken) and she has no business singing Beast of Burden. Few people will be offended by it, so I guess it's OK, and it's your blog, but Beast of Burden should be Mick or a Black guy. It's blue-eyed R&B. Maybe Bette has a big finish that I missed.


    1. I was neither a Beatles guy nor a Stones guy. I liked rock'n'roll on AM radio between the banter and the commercials, but paid almost no attention to who the performers were until years later.

      Definitely remember being surprised by the Beatles Greatest Hits double or triple album, that so many of my favorites were by the Beatles.

      You could say I became a Beatles guy, but it was years after the fact.

      Me and music: It was mostly in the background, not something I sought out. Plebeian me.

      Keith & Mick's "Beast of Burden" is about getting a junkie monkey off your back, isn't it? I like the tune and some of the lyrics, but me and heroin don't go way back, so while I like it, it's never grabbed me by the throat and gut.

      When Bette sings it, it's about a woman taking some of her man's crap but not all of it. That resonates with me more than drugs, so her version is the one that's been in my ears for all these years.

      Also, I never masturbated watching Keith or Mick flounce around on stage, but Bette...

    2. Clearly you get to enjoy the music you enjoy. I always thought it was just a song about personal independence, but I'm more of a Beatles guy. It's a nice song though.


    3. Bette Midler is awesome, though.


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