News & Links: Saturday, August 19, 2023

Getting old means seeing death, and I'm old, with more friends dead than alive. The only way to get past each death is to keep doing whatever you do, and this is what I do — post my life for an audience of several, now reduced by one.

I'll smother my grief under pancakes, drown it in a 40-ouncer, and watch the world go along even shittier than it already was...

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FIDE bans trans women in mind-boggling new policy 

Just 1% of the $3-billion in professional son-in-law Jared Kushner's private equity firm came from sources in the United States
    But what about Hunter Biden?

Trump judge's actual argument for abortion bans: Doctors are harmed without cute sonograms
    Be forewarned, there are large quantities of snark in this article, but entirely deserved.

Rep Ocasio-Cortez calls on U.S. to declassify documents on Chile’s 1973 coup
    There'd be some juicy info in those docs, if ever revealed. Doesn't everyone not wearing blinders know the US ran that operation?

Biden's DOJ claims "there is no constitutional right to a stable climate" 

World Health Organization's aspartame safety panel linked to alleged Coca-Cola front group 

County Attorney backs down, withdraws warrant, asks for return of materials seized by Kansas police in raid on newspaper, but that won't be the end of it 

California gets its first tropical storm watch 

North Carolina legislature overrides governor’s vetoes to enact 3 bills guaranteeing transgender kids are miserable 

PornHub says cease and desist to kebab shop 

Former Trump adviser blames Jews for dying in Auschwitz 

Judge rules HP must face class action lawsuit over disabled printers
    One certainly hopes the verdict will be substantial enough to bankrupt Hewlett-Packard, but that's what I hope every time anyone takes a giant corporation to court, and it hasn't happened yet.

Fundraiser for truth-challenged Rep. George Santos charged with impersonating aide to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy 

All cops continue being bastards 


The creator and executive producer of Saturday Night Live is a jackass
    This one's a long read from longreads.com, and I'll confess that I didn't read all of it. I generally can't read about celebrities without falling asleep, unless it's one of the rare few I like, and Lorne Michaels has never been that.
    He's a one-man factory of mundane, predictable comedy, it's been a long time since anything with his name on it made me laugh, and this is the first article I've half-read that portrays him as the smug and ruthless bastard he's always seemed to be.

Lake Lanier stands as a reminder of the American history today's leaders are trying to erase 

Was Woodstock, and indeed all of rock'n'roll, "bourgeois at its core, a mass-produced commodity, dependent on advanced technology and therefore on the money controlled by those in power"?
by Larry Livermore

The original Black Panthers fought in the 761st tank battalion during WWII 

America's quietest town, where cell phones are banned 

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A Whiter Shade of Pale — Procol Harum 

Changes — David Bowie 

From the Beginning — Emerson Lake & Palmer 

Sing Sing Sing with a Swing — Benny Goodman and his Orchestra 

What a Wonderful World — The Ramones 

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Marilyn Monroe recreates her iconic predecessors for Life magazine in 1958 

The one true religion 

Taunton State Hospital 







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Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy raps to Eminem's "Lose Yourself" 

Mr Albano at East Boston High School did it his way. 

Jammin' the Blues (1944)
    Jammin’ the Blues
was filmed by Gjon Mili, over four days in September 1944, released that December, and nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Subject.


The Black Messiah
by Sonia Weitz

It's that damn man with a fish again 

Three jobs 


Ada Deer 

Bobby Eli 

Joe Gallo 

Alice Ladas 

Betty Tyson 

Gary Young


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  1. Can't remember all of it but I had a theory that the Kids In The Hall Brain Candy movie was actually a metaphor for Lorne Michaels fucking up their lives.

    1. Everyone says Don Roritor is a dead-on impression of Lorne Michaels.
    2. Stummies = SNL, his old hit that everyone still praises even though nobody likes it anymore.
    3. His rep is going to collapse without a new drug/hit
    4. Gleemonex represents the incredibly dumb SNL skit movies he was pushing through out the 1990s, which probably made more than they cost but were so stupid in stretching a 3 minute premise into a 90 minute film that they put their audience into a coma. It might specifically be the "Coneheads" movie, which came out like 15 years after the sketch and allowed the few who enjoyed it to "lock in" on their fondest memories, like Gleemonex does.
    5. I don't remember the rest of it as I may have been physically too fucking high to be able to speak.

    Either way, Brain Candy is worth it just with the knowledge that they were making fun of the guy who put his name all over their troupe. They also insisted on putting in all the sketches that Michaels censored over the years, like "Cancer Boy."

    1. The Kids in the Hall was on TV at the wrong time on the wrong night, and I never watched it. Never saw the movie either, but you've completely talked me into it and it's illegally downloading right now.


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