News & Links: Thursday, August 24, 2023

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The secret weapon hackers can use to dox nearly anyone in America for $15 

Shop owner shot, killed over rainbow flag outside clothing store in rural California 

Court orders high-ranking Catholic pedophiles and pedophile-protector's names released 

Town fires librarian who worked there for 11 years because she refused to remove LGBTQ+ books 

Jewish space lasers are causing the wildfires, say the same loons who believe everything Trump says 

International Chess Federation's argument for banning trans women gives the game away 

Palo Alto embraces a community-owned multi-gigabit broadband network after decades of talk 

Georgia teacher fired after reading book on gender to fifth-grade class 

Interview with owner of Marion County Record:
So how did that flagrantly illegal raid on a Kansas newspaper happen? 

AI-Created art isn't copyrightable, judge says in ruling that could give Hollywood studios pause 

Kellogg's battles Mexican government over rules restricting unhealthy food like Kellogg's 

MAGA morons trust Trump more than their own friends and family 

All cops continue being bastards 


How the world will burn 

Lo and behold: A coded message in the floor

Fixing the world's oldest trolleys is like solving a century-old jigsaw puzzle 

America's long history of gun control laws 

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My Dad — Paul Westerberg 

Should I Stay or Should I Go — The Clash 

What's Gnawing at Me? — Biff Rose 







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The world's oldest known animation 

Joel Grey sings "When I'm 64" on The Ed Sullivan Show

Your best bits 


I must study war, so my sons can study business, so their sons can study art, so their son can write gay vampire fiction. 

Never underestimate the power... 



Dorothy Casterline 

Isabel Crook 

Terry Funk 

Bob Giles 

Linda Haynes 

Ray Hildebrand 

David Jacobs 

Joan Meyer 

Wes "Scoop" Nisker 

Kris Nรณva 

Stefan Tilkov 

Stephaun E. Wallace 

John Warnock 

Nizo Yamamoto


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  1. Terry Funk, a wrestler whose obit you carry in the above post, has a surviving brother, Dory Funk Jr, who wrestled as a masked bad guy called "The Outlaw" on Northwest Championship Wrestling on KIRO 7 TV in the 1960s hosted by Ron Forsell. Even if my Mom and Dad were going out on Saturday night, Dad and I would watch NCW from 6:30 to 7:30 and always boo The Outlaw because the bastard cheated. He'd conceal blinding dust and heavy objects in his trunks and mask and didn't hesitate to use them. My parents were square dancers and Mom would yell at dad as we emulated the onscreen action, "Tom, you'll get your western shirt all dirty wrestling like that. We had cats and dogs, so Mom wasn't wrong.

    I only knew that the Outlaw was Dory Funk Jr because my friend Mark was watching a Saturday night exhibition that I unaccountably missed at which The Outlaw was unmasked and revealed to be somebody we'd never heard of. I don't know what we were expecting. We kept trying to guess who The Outlaw was, but it was obviously another wrestler. It wouldn't be the Mayor or a folksinger we followed. So, The Outlaw turned out to be Dory Funk Jr when we were blissfully unaware that there was a Dory Funk Sr or a Brother Terry Funk. Now Terry is gone, but Dory Jr is looking pretty good for 82.

    I can't describe the rush of emotion I just had writing about Dad and me watching Northwest Championship Wrestling.


    1. Some of the endorphins came through. :)

      I watched wrestling on TV a lot when I was a kid, always I think knowing it wasn't 'real' really, but very much respecting the work and athleticism that went into it. It's not at all 'fake' like a fist fight on some TV show.

      I knew a guy who went into pro wrestling, and (to my knowledge) never got out of the rinky-dink local rings, but we worked at the same restaurant and he would come in on Mondays barely able to walk.

      I wonder what ever happened to that guy...


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