News & Links: Saturday, August 5, 2023

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Lawsuit: Trans student denied use of girls' restroom, threatened with rape in boys' restroom, twice attempted suicide 

Transgender adults in Florida are blindsided that a new law limits their access to health care 

Federal appeals court rules Kentucky can force trans kids to de-transition
    Cruelty is the Republicans' passion, always. It's their defining principle, and it's only thing that makes them happy.

Heads up on some fresh Republican bullshit: The alternate slate of electors from Hawaii in 1960 

'Christian' conservatives freak out over shampoo ad with a boy wearing a tutu 

Florida will not allow public school students to take Advanced Placement psychology because the course includes lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity 

Republican member of Congress says USA is now "post-Constitution" 

Family of Henrietta Lacks wins "confidential" settlement over use of dead woman's "HeLa" cells
    Here's some background on Henrietta, if it's all news to you.

Jim Larkin, Backpage exec, dies by suicide a week before his trial 

The price of rice is skyrocketing, and it's pushing millions more people towards starvation 

"It's a racism crisis": call for action on Koran burnings in Sweden
    No, it is assuredly not a racism crisis. White, Asian, and black Muslims read the same Koran. The crisis is, some people have no belief in freedom except their own.
    Reading the article, I'm reminded again that a conversation with the deluded is pointless.

Texas A&M will pay $1M to Black professor following botched hiring and internal review 

Durham NC city attorney asks Wikipedia to identify users who added accurate but unfavorable information about city officials 

IRS moves forward with free e-filing system in pilot program to launch in 2024
    Will H&R Block allow this?

California becomes the second state in the nation to allow prisoners free calls 

Most NYC crosswalk buttons are placebos 

Rallies across Canada demand search of Winnipeg landfill for slain Indigenous women 

The Reddit protest is finally over. Reddit won.
    Of course, nobody seriously thought Reddit wouldn't "win," but long-term, damage has been done, and Reddit will never get back what it's lost.

Reddit closes its popular r/place on one final "Fuck Spez" note 

Lemmy's version of 'Place' is underway 

Atlantic Ocean is at risk of circulation collapse – it would mean even greater climate chaos across Europe 

Arizona's extreme heat is killing honeybees and melting their homes 

Cactus collapsing in Arizona extreme heat, scientist says 

A reckoning for southwestern golf courses 

All cops continue being bastards 


Where did the pen name Lemony Snicket come from? 

•  The Real Origins of the Religious Right
    "They'll tell you it was abortion. Sorry, the historical record's clear: It was segregation."

"The only moral abortion is my abortion" 

The hidden side of Helen Keller 

Trump is a hemorrhoid 

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CIA Man — The Fugs 

Last Night — The Mar-Keys 

Pulsar — Vangelis 

Society's Child — Janis Ian 

That Girl — Stevie Wonder 







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48 seconds with Mike Hoy, president of Loompanics Unlimited
    Old radicals and malcontents might remember Loompanics, bookseller of the bizarre, with titles like Getting Started in the Illicit Drug Business, Secrets of a Super Hacker, and How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found.
    Loompanics locked up shop in 2006, and I still miss their marvelous catalogues that came in the old-fashioned postal mail.

A few seconds of Virginia summer downpour, slowed beautifully 

Alternate Reality: the Tommy Wiseau of metal 


The Alamo remembers Paul Reubens 

Line cooks 


Carl Davis 

John Gosling 

Charles "Hungry" Hardy 

Jim Larkin 

Mark Margolis 

Bob Murdoch 

Adrienne Vaughan

Carmen Xtravaganza


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  1. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock.

    I haven't been a believer for years but I remember that verse, and that image drummed into us. The ultimate knock knock joke and a perfect encapsullation of Christian belief.

  2. An unaltered painting just like it was in the hallway of the church I grew up in.

  3. some asshole asked me once why do you even give a damn about trans people you're not trans are you? this is their mindset and lack of empathy, they cant imagine caring about people who arent like them.

    1. It's a Republican stereotype, the lack of empathy. Almost a requirement. So many times, some anti-gay Republican suddenly thinks gays should have some rights because his son is gay, and an anti-abortion Republican is revealed to have paid for half a dozen abortions for his wives and girlfriends.


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