News & Links: Thursday, August 3, 2023

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 Texas county bans underage access to LGBTQ literature, will instead add more books with politically conservative themes 

"Free Speech Absolutist" Musk files obvious SLAPP suit against non-profit critic

 • Center for Countering Digital Hate vows to keep monitoring hate speech on Twitter despite Musk lawsuit 

Legal subReddit bans all ex-Twitter links due to safety risk
    There are still news sites linking to Twitter, something that's been feeling more and more problematic to me. It would be nice if this started a groundswell, or at least a conversation, because Twitter is making itself into a forum for nutters.

Reddit beats film industry, won't have to identify users who admitted torrenting 

UK Prime Minister's family firm signed a billion-dollar deal with BP before gov't opened new North Sea licenses
    How utterly ordinary and predictable. The only thing unusual is, such deals usually don't make headlines.
    This is why there is no "fight against climate change." Climate change wins by default.

Phoenix ends record 31-day streak of above 110-degree weather
    There, see? Under 110°, so climate change has been beaten!

Despite state's $5-billion surplus, Georgia's Republican Governor orders crippling cutbacks 

Armed Nazi group protests pride event featuring drag show 

Republican-controlled states push for 14-year-olds to serve alcohol 

All cops continue being bastards 


by Larry Livermore

Paul Reubens was punk 

In one of his first interviews from 1981, Reubens tells the origin story of Pee-wee Herman 

Long COVID is debilitating to me and 65 million other people. Where is the urgency to treat it? 

How Blade Runner got its title 

♫♬  AUDIO  ♫

One Mint Julep — Ray Charles 

Popcorn — Jean Michel Jarre 

Soul Sacrifice — Carlos Santana 

Swanee River Hop — Fats Domino 

Wade in the Water — Ramsey Lewis 







👁  VIDEO  👁

One-minute cartoon sums up Electronic Frontier Foundation's work 

A chirping grasshopper 

    I don't understand it, but it's 39 seconds I don't regret 



It's all about race. 


Randy Fullmer 

Simpson Kalisher 

David Le Batard 

Paul Reubens 

Richard Simpson 

Mangus White 

Charles Wurster


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  1. Captain HampocketsAugust 3, 2023 at 3:39 PM

    Have you reviewed Pee Wee's Big Adventure? I have to assume you've seen it. It's so, so good.

    1. I've seen it sever times, loved it, but I ought to see it again. Already loved the guy, but going out with years of cancer without telling anyone — man, that's so punk.

  2. That holy prepuce thing is the sickest shit I've seen today and Ive been looking a bondage art.

  3. Give me a few days, I'll try to come up with something sicker.

  4. I don't laff out loud much, but somehow the vamp and the English teacher got me tittering and it turned into a laugh. My wife came into my office because she thought Trump had died.


    1. I don't want him to die yet. First, we must hear the lamentations of the Republicans..

  5. Doug, you mention the Electronic Frontier Foundation in today's update. The founder of the EFF, John Perry Barlow who was a sustainable rancher in Colorado, was also a songwriter for the Grateful Dead. So besides ensuring that the emerging Web made it out of the 90s with values of equality intact, John Perry was co-writing (with Bob Weir) some of the Dead's songs.

    I had the privilege of spending a half hour or so with John Perry at a computing conference in the mid-90s when the Web was being implemented. He was a committed, decent, bright guy who took all three of his jobs seriously and had fun doing them.


    1. This is news I didn't know, or news I once knew but it was eroded away by the sands of time and my own limited RAM. John Perry Barlow, I salute you and your music and your activism and your sustainable ranching.

      Sometimes the comments here hike up my IQ.

  6. I love PeeWee and Ruebens, but never would've said he was punk. Maybe he was though. I like the article and am awfully sorry to see him gone.

    We're both old Doug, were there headlines like the top story here twenty years ago? I sure do not remember such a flurry of people wanting to take books out of the library and keep people hungy and poor and miserable. They always tried to prevent help but now they want to take away everything that helps anyone.

    This is not the 21st century I wanted.

  7. The times they are a changing, for sure. Always there were headlines about narrow-minded farts wanting a book banned,, but until recently the farts were usually not the member of the school board and library board. So yeah,. I think things have gotten worse and are getting worser and will soon be worsest.


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