News & Links: Monday, July 31, 2023

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Leprosy is on the rise in the US South, mostly in Florida

A Black prosecutor was elected in Georgia – so white Republicans made their own district 

Drag queen tops the iTunes Christian Chart 

Trans men entering Miss Italy contest
    This is kinda great. The beauty pageant announced that they'd only allow female-by-birth contestants, so a lot of female-to-male trans gentlemen have signed up.

Scientists woke up a 46,000-year-old roundworm from Siberian permafrost
    I guess some of us didn't learn anything from Jurassic Park or The Thing. Having the ability to restore long-gone species doesn't mean scientists should be out there restoring long-gone species.

Most Americans favor restrictions on false information, violent content online
    Color me conflicted. I'm familiar with all the slippery-slope arguments, and all of history suggests that if we let government restrict abhorrent speech, the definition of 'abhorrent' will spread out a long ways further than you'd hope.
    And yet. The more we let slithery politicians lie to us, the more they lie to us. The lies have become ubiquitous, with damned near half the electorate making decisions based entirely on lies. You can't have a functional democracy when the voters have their heads pumped full of shit.

National Security Agency lobbies Congress against ending warrantless phone location tracking 

Judge blocks Arkansas law allowing librarians to be criminally charged over "harmful" materials

230,000 WA residents lost Medicaid coverage since unwinding began
    Hey, that's me. I'm one of the Washington Medicaid "disenrollments," because the state's standards have gone up.

All cops continue being bastards 

Dangerous fungus is becoming more prevalent. Scientists believe climate change could be to blame 

Republican Congressman promotes another antisemitic site that praises Hitler and denies the Holocaust 

Trump attorney calls him "the most ethical American I know"


My year living under the Bay Bridge in 1976
by Ace Backwords

Why is NPR helping Florida schools push slavery-friendly propaganda? 

How Harvard manufactured the Unabomber 

Millions more Americans have medical debt than student debt. Where's their relief? 

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Kill for Peace — The Fugs 

Kiss Him Goodbye - Steam 

I Feel Love — Donna Summer 

Rain on Me — Cyndi Lauper 

War — SinΓ©ad O'Connor 







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High school theater kids perform "Make 'Em Laugh" from Singin' in the Rain 

How It Feels to Be Run Over (1900, short; a very early moment of Fast and Furious)

 • "Portland" by Greta Snider — an epic punk adventure in 12 minutes (part 1 of 2)

    "Portland," the conclusion 

Ten friends with tails ride bikes dangerously, as told by Edward Everett Horton 


An alternate history 

Bodily autonomy 

Just one 

The long history of nobody wants to work anymore 


Betty Ann Bruno 

Richard Barancik 

Catherine Burks-Brooks 

Dorothy Goodman 

Cheri Pies 

Ray Price 

Stu Silver


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