News & Links: Thursday, August 31, 2023

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All eyes are rightfully on newspaper raid in Kansas, but these press freedom violations also deserve attention 

When San Francisco said no to a freeway through Golden Gate Park 

How Yippies "stuck it to the man" at the 1968 Democratic convention 

 Why subway surfers find it so hard to quit 

How ancient peoples learned to count 


Bernie Sanders urges left to back Biden to stop "very dangerous" Trump
    Always, the left is supposed to support whatever bland middle-of-the-road candidate the Democrats put forward, candidates who seem idea-free and utterly without passion, because the Republicans have another terrifying candidate, always scarier than the last terrifying candidate. Gotta take boring over terrifying.
    And Bernie's right. I ain't arguing.
    Sure is a bucket of swill we're always forced to drink from, though.

Austrian company researches parcel delivery service involving public transport users
    Seems clever and feasible to me. I suppose you’d need background checks on the passenger-couriers, but after that small hurdle, unless it’s an urgent package like a pizza, transit riders could get anything across any city in an hour or so.
    Where do I sign up? Austria, I guess.

Billionaire says that in order to feel happy, we need to expect less, and that the world is going to get tougher 

15 people got 172 books pulled from a library serving a quarter million residents 

Brazilian High Court rules that homophobic hate speech is on the same level as racist hate speech – and punishable with a prison sentence 

Police watchtower installed at San Francisco subway station
    Free people in a free country don't have police watchtowers looking down on them.

"Hit list": Trump grand jurors face violent threats after names and addresses shared on QAnon forums 

Fox's Newt Gingrich tells his gullible MAGA dupes that Democrats want to legalize "killing your baby up to 30 days after it's born" 

Chess cheating saga ends: Hans Niemann will be allowed back on Chess.com 

All cops continue being bastards
    This is my other project, an ongoing collection of police brutality, beatings, and general corruption, almost always unpunished.

"Negligent manslaughter": Study finds climate change could kill 1 billion mostly poor people
    A billion deaths? That's a ridiculous under-estimate, because there's no end date for climate change. You can't conjure up an accurate body count, because the climate catastrophes, food and water shortages, and other repercussions Will Never Stop.

The "crazy" extreme weather rampaging the globe in 2023 will become the norm within a decade 

A climate activist slathered pink paint over a painting at the National Gallery of Canada, then glued himself to the floor
    Excellent, but we need this everywhere — not just museums, but banks and yachts and courts and police stations, in front of millionaires' mansions and the Supreme Court and the halls of Congress.
    Vandalize the world, please. We've tried everything through all the 'acceptable' channels to get anyone anywhere to slow the rush toward climate catastrophe, and every try to work within the system has been ignored or earned only platitudes and lies.
    It is time to stop talking.


Mandolin pictures from days bygone 

Play-by-play by player 

Impersonating an officer 

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All Who Pass By — The Shaolin Afronauts 

Casablanca — Max Steiner 

Fuedin' Banjos — Don Reno & Arthur Smith 

In the City — The Eagles 

When the Levee Breaks — Playing for Change 







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Becoming: The embryonic development of the alpine newt 

Despotism (an Erpi classroom film from Encyclopedia Britannica) 

April Maze (1930) — a Felix the Cat cartoon 

Fish chase


Nancy Buirski 

Garth Craven 

Johaar Mosaval 

Rosemary S. Pooler 

Joe who was never a plumber 

Carol Robles-RomΓ‘n 

Inga Swenson


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  1. I have never heard of Charlie Munger but if ever a man deserved herpes.

    And Bernie's good advice... I have given up on Democrats ever again having anyone or any ideas that aren't bland as unsweetened oatmeal but could they please nominate someone who's not 80 years old?

  2. I'd take Herpes for Munger over Biden for President, but the former ain't likely and the latter's the best we'll get.

  3. If you want to kill some time and join a Fantasy Football League, here's the link to join. Feel free to pass it on to anybody you think might be interested.


    Fantasy Football Join - ESPN
    Play ESPN Fantasy Football

    1. I used to do fantasy baseball and have no doubt that this is a fine
      invitation you have extended toward me like a flopping elastic
      erection but I will and sadly must sadly decline.

      Football is the game that bores me most among the many variants of sportball . My fantasy about football would be that all the footballs are slashed and deflated and to play the game this weekend football must be switched and played with orange softballs and new rules calling for no
      violence. Instead of tackling your opponent, you must approach him for in-depth existential conversation, until one of you can't handle it
      and sits, refuses to play. The winner is the team than can no longer field a team. Curious game, the only way to win is not to play.

      I got five hours more sleep powered by two sleeping pills washed down by some Joe Memorial malt liquor, which seems to be making my thought
      process more of a process and less of a thought this morning.

      I love yuou man.


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