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When is it OK for white people to ask about other people’s ethnicity?
    Any time, any where, any time my mother is chatting with any person who isn't white, she'll ask that person's ethnicity. She's done it at the library, at church, with strangers on the sidewalk, and with the staff at the diner where we have breakfast twice monthly (they're all Asian).
    I've always thought the question is rude, especially because it's the first and only personal question she asks, and she never asks white people their ancestry. Never much been able to put the annoyance into words, though, until reading the article linked above.

Why I’m proud to stand trial defending the right to rescue animals
by Cassie King
Right now, there are sick and injured animals who are collapsed on the shed floors of factory farms in Sonoma County, slowly dying. They could get medical care that would save their lives, but the factory owners won’t pay for it, the authorities won’t intervene, and the animal caregivers who want to help them are threatened with years in prison. This system is powerful. But cracks are starting to form.

The descendants of Ann Joice, one of 272 enslaved people sold to fund Georgetown 

Ruth Belville, the Greenwich Time Lady 

For men awaiting execution in Texas, illicit games of Dungeons & Dragons became a lifeline 

A place where fools imagine no humans will tread for 100,000 years 


Study finds homeless people aren't necessarily idiots
    Excerpt:  Efforts to ease homelessness typically avoid putting money in the hands of the unhoused, fearing it will be misused. But new research challenges that perception, suggesting that when some homeless people are given cash, they put it toward essentials such as housing, furniture and transportation.

Republican lawmakers seek to ban LGBTQ+ 'safe place' program in small Florida town

Google workers confront ethics of what they do 

Google removes 'pirate' URLs from users' privately saved links

Trucks destroyed in Oregon 

US pipeline protester found guilty in trial that has an odd odor about it  

California legislature and Gov Newsom ready to kill People's Park 

A single dose of magic mushroom psychedelic can ease major depression, study finds

Nebraska governor signs executive order defining men as "bigger, stronger and faster" 

All cops continue being bastards
    This is my other project, an ongoing collection of police brutality, beatings, and general corruption, almost always unpunished.

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The Mel & Floyd Show
    Mel & Floyd is one of the few things I brought with me when I moved from Madison to Seattle. It's a weekly one-hour radio show in which Mel & Mr Smarty-Pants deconstruct the news, always with a sense of humor. And it's commercial-free, except during pledge drives.

Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) - Episode 109: Defund la Polizie 

Welcome to the Pee-wee Herman Radio Hour! 

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All You Need Is Greed — Shakin' Stevens 

The Israelites — Desmond Dekker & The Aces 

My Conviction — Hair 

Shoop Shoop Song — Cher 

Without You — Harry Nilsson 







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How do nanoparticles grow? Atomic-scale video upends 100-year-old theory 

Letting the chickens out for recess 

Sacha Baron Cohen's remarks at 60th anniversary of March on Washington 


Sliman Bensmaia 

Jimmy Buffett 

LÊa Garcia 

Ruth Greenfield 

Nick Hitchon 

Jean Lowy 

Alexandra Paul 

Jack Sonni 

Tempt One 

Zijie Yan


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