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The morgue at the Gray Lady
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Bright thinker Naomi Klein is tired of being mistaken for wingnut Naomi Wolf
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    Excerpt: Its guiding question is how so many people have in recent years broken with conventional left-right political affiliations and a shared understanding of reality, and crossed over into the “Mirror World,” a realm of “uncanny people” and “upside-down politics” where facts are arbitrary and people who still advertise themselves as liberals can make common cause with conspiracists and fascists. The Naomi-Naomi story is more than a generous and capacious reflection on being taken for someone else; it is also the frame for a uniquely astute account of the scrambled political formations that have come out of the pandemic.

How Star Trek almost failed to launch
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    I was skeptical, clicking this link. Star Trek was something I loved as a kid — I subscribed to Star Trek zines and went to Star Trek conventions and read Star Trek books, so I was pretty sure this would just be a rehash of stuff I knew fifty years ago. Quite surprisingly, though, I learned some things I hadn't known about early Trek.

In early 1800s American classrooms, students governed themselves
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Georgia prosecutor accuses wingnut Republican of 'illegal intrusion' into Trump prosecution in scathing letter
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    Being quite weary of the smell of Donald Trump, I generally ignore the pingpongery of day-to-day court proceedings against him and everyone in his administration. Sadly, here's a spoiler: There is no way Trump is going to prison.
    Found some smiles, though, in this summary of Fani Willis's impatient reply to Jim Jordan's buffoonery.

Study: Bees struggle to find flowers because of air pollution
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Walmart cuts starting hourly pay for some workers, equalizing shit wages across America
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    Excerpt: The change, which became effective in July and was first reported by The Wall Street Journal on Thursday, will create consistency in starting hourly pay across individual stores, said spokeswoman Anne Hatfield, which will lead to improve staffing and customer service.
    Me: ...which will lead to improve staffing and customer service? My ass, and what horseshit cruelty.

Lawsuit claims anti-gay American Family Association is a hotbed of horny male gayness
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The Republican Party’s plan to rule the state of Wisconsin forever, explained
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DeSantis hires extremist wingnut for Ethics Commission
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Federal court orders Texas Governor to remove razor-wire migrant traps from Rio Grande River
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But appeals court says, nah, no worry, no hurry
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Republican ex-Governor promises "bullets not ballots" if Trump isn't returned to power
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All cops continue being bastards
    This is my other project, an ongoing collection of police brutality, beatings, and general corruption, almost always unpunished.

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All You Fascists — Billy Bragg with Wilco 

City of New Orleans — Arlo Guthrie 

Ghost Riders in the Sky — Johnny Cash 

9 to 5 — Dolly Parton 

Spaceman — 4 Non-Blondes 







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Compliments for strangers
    Just silliness.

Ghost Rider
    'Educational' film with a twist ending you'll never see coming.

"Snoop unto them as they snoop unto you" —
    Gently and legally hacking police software.


Robert Reich 

… walks into a bar

Wars in Star Trek 


John Cairney
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Larry Chance
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Richard Davis
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Charles Gayle
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Molly Holzschlag
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