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Two families got fed up with their states' politics. So they moved out.
    To say plainly what Republicans are wouldn't be 'impartial journalism', so the New York Times, like most of mainstream media, contorts the facts to look fair and balanced.
    In this article, the Times says basically, "Both sides do it, and ain't that a shame." A Republican family moved from Oregon to Missouri because they were tired of seeing poor and homeless people, and an apolitical family moved from Iowa to Minnesota because Iowa had banned medical care for their son.
    One of these things is not like the other: Moving to avoid seeing unpleasantness is *not* the equivalent of escaping to save your child's life.
    Writing about these two families as if they're a matched set, fodder for a thoughtless think piece, sidesteps reporting what the problem really is, and it's on purpose, and it's why America's swirling in a toilet bowl.

National Hockey League bans gay pride tape
    If you don't stop and think about it, I suppose banning rainbow tape from NHL games and practices might sound trivial. It's not. It isn't really about tape with colorful stripes.
    This is a very big business tallying the numbers, and deciding there's more money to be made when anything that might make the haters even slightly uncomfortable is removed. A small statement for human rights can no longer be wrapped around a hockey stick.
    If their customers are OK with this and appeasing the haters doesn't damage the bottom line, other big businesses will make similar moves. The haters will get louder, and it's not like they've been whispering until now.
    This is the goal of the right-wing's so-called 'culture war' — they want to make it easier for the haters to speak out, and more dangerous for gay and trans people and allies. They want gay and trans people in the closet, and eventually in boxcars, and the NHL wants these haters as happy customers.
    What they're doing is far bigger and scarier than banning rainbow tape.

New York woman sues, after doctor denies her medication for being of 'childbearing age'
    This woman has to endure unending cluster headaches, can’t have the medicine that might help, because the meds could hypothetically harm the unborn and unconceived child she plans to never have.

Religious leaders may be key to breaking climate action gridlock, poll suggests
    Nah, that's bullshit. Billionaires are the unbreakable climate gridlock, and their religion is money. The Pope isn't going to solve this.

Beaver's TV friend remembers the day Jerry Mathers wasn't killed in Vietnam
    I'm kidding in the headline, but it's a pretty good article.

Denver gave the homeless free money. Many of them started working full-time, pulling themselves out of spiraling debt, and found housing. 

National Public Radio offers propaganda on Nicaragua 

Starship Troopers: The movie was better than the book 

Big Philanthropy is a scam 

An evolutionary biologist explains why cats are perfect 

 • The Police Problem
    This is my ongoing collection of police brutality, beatings, and general corruption. Recent favorites include Settlement pays $150K to Wisconsin man who "fell down on his own" while being arrested for being shot, and Florida cops who refused to cooperate with investigation won't face charges for shooting car burglary suspect 39 times, and NYPD officer indicted for repeatedly punching man who asked cops to wear masks in his home

Amusing, Interesting, Outrageous, or Profound
    And this is my Lemmy page, for anything that's amusing, interesting, outrageous, or profound (in my opinion). Most of what's there ends up here, though, so no samples.

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Visit to the District Training School for the Mentally Retarded 

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"Should parents read their children’s texts or monitor their online activity for bad language and inappropriate content?" 

The homeless at the library 

If you teach your kids to hate


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  1. Regarding the NHL article (and all news relating to oppression of LGBTs): I have a lovely pair of vertically striped pajamas with a pink triangle I sewed fashionably on the back and front...in preparation for when I'll be hauled off to this or that FEMA internment camp (or parking lot of one of those ginormous TV evangelist's church parking lots). I will become the envy of all other prisoners, in those snazzy pajamas...they even have purple glitter!

    1. I am hoping we do a U-turn and skip the internment camps. The very best thing about being old is that I *think* I'll be outta Dodge before the real hell hits.

      Meanwhile, wear those fabulous jammies to go shopping. Maybe it'll shock someone awake.


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