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Sunday, November 12, 2023



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NOV. 12, 2023

Orcas sink another boat in Europe after a nearly hour-long attack
    Excerpt: For the fourth time in two years, a group of unusually brazen orcas in southwestern Europe have sunk a sailing boat after relentlessly attacking it for almost an hour...
    Me again: I'm rooting for the whales.
    And also I'm curious about this phenomenon. Whales are pretty smart, you know. Probably smarter than Republicans. Are they smart enough to know that our world's being destroyed, and fight back?

49 homeless people dead in Anchorage so far this year, after pandemic emergency housing was closed
    Excerpt: “It makes you wonder what could we have done better to prevent that from happening,” Felix Rivera, an Anchorage Assembly member who chairs the Housing and Homeless Committee, said of the four deaths. 

Omegle is finally shut down, by a lawsuit from a sexual abuse survivor 

This year set to be warmest in 125,000 years, EU scientists say 

It’s still easy for anyone to become you at Experian 

Corporate bastards kill another pretty good newssite — Jezebel 

Advertisers don’t want sites like Jezebel to exist 

California schools will require students to learn to identify fake news, misinformation 

A former guard from Attica asks, “What is the Scandinavian prison system like?” 

Here's enough baseball to get me through the winter (with the ads removed)

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Poppy Girls — The Wiz 

Time of Your Life — Green Day 


John Bailey
cinematographer, Groundhog Day 

Benedict Birnberg
advocate for justice, “Let him have it" 

Frank Borman
orbited the moon and took a famous snapshot 

David Ferry
poet, On the Way to the Island 

Spiros Focás
actor, Jewel of the Nile 

Heather Rogers
barrister in freedom of speech cases 

Dave Stenhouse
baseballer, Washington Senators 

Conny Van Dyke
Country singer and actress, Hell’s Angels ’69 

Adrian Webster
footballer and coach, Colchester United


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