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Tuesday, November 14, 2023



#382   [archive]
NOV. 14, 2023

    Jeez, the world is garbage — putrid, stinking trash with maggots crawling through it. Blood and death and money, every racket is rigged, the law is for little people, when you're down you get kicked, and my hemorrhoids are itching again.
    And now, they news they don't tell you on channels 4, 5, and 7: 

When real conspiracies are revealed, conspiracists shrug 

"It was nearly sunset when I saw death up close": a Gaza diary 

Lost Doctor Who episodes found – but owner is reluctant to hand them to BBC 

TorrentFreak turns 18 today (hospital edition) 

"Tell the people that homosexuals are not by definition weak." 

Why walking backwards can be good for your health and brain 

Sen Markwayne Mullin (R-Oklahoma) challenges Teamsters president to a fist-fight during hearing  

Rep Kevin McCarthy (R-California) assaults Rep Tom Burchett (R-Tennessee) in halls of Congress 

An hour of David Lynch listening to rain, smoking and reflecting on art 

Man sells VCR on eBay and receives heartfelt letter from 86-year-old buyer 

Steve Jobs' aquarium 

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♫♬  MUSIC  ♫ 

A Daisy a Day — Jud Strunk 

Darlin' Be Home Soon — The Lovin' Spoonful 

Life's Been Good — Joe Walsh 

Puff the Magic Dragon — Peter Paul & Mary

Tommy's Overture — The Who 


Greta Anderson
purveyor of frozen custard

Michael Bishop
sci-fi novelist, No Enemy But Time

Robert Butler
co-creator, Remington Steele 

Kevin Curran
writer, The Simpsons 

Nate Davenport
businessman, father, hero 

Dorothy Edwards
once homeless, housing advocate 

Peter S. Fischer
producer, Murder, She Wrote 

Linda Hirshman
feminist provocateur 

Amber Hollibaugh
activist, Queers for Economic Justice 

Charles Jordan
basketballer, Indiana Pacers 

Gary Karnes
activist, historian 

Jonathan Lewis
high school hero, beaten to death 

Amiel J. Mokhiber
purveyor of sandwiches 

Elinor Otto
factory worker, an original 'Rosie' 

Ernesto Palomino
artist, drummer, pianist 

Taraja Ramsess
stuntworker, Black Panther 

Lois Galgay Reckitt
activist, Human Rights Campaign Fund 

Audrey Salkeld
author, Everest researcher 

Glen Schaller
gay rights activist, “outside agitator”

🖕 Peter Seidler
owner, San Diego Padres 

Neil Shulman
doctor, clown, novelist (Doc Hollywood

Barrett Strong
songwriter, "Money (That’s What I Want)" 

Joe Tilson
artist, Zikkurat 2

🖕 Maryanne Trump Barry
judge, co-conspirator 

Kevin Turen
producer, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent


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  1. Appreciate the pessimism man. People need to be more fucking pissed off about everything.

  2. Always a good supply of pessimism here, all well-earned and reliably proven to be accurate.


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