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Monday, December 11, 2023



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DEC. 11, 2023

And now the news. Most of it's bad.

Texas woman leaves state to have abortion after Texas Supreme Court paused ruling that would have allowed it
    I will try to hold back too many profanities, but it’s seriously FUCKED UP that anyone but this woman and her doctor know that she’s pregnant, with a doomed fetus, and needs an abortion, and it’s FUCKED UP that anyone gets to overrule her decision, and it’s FUCKED UP that she has to flee the state during what's obviously a traumatic time for her, and it’s FUCKED UP that the FUCKERS will vilify her now, hell maybe even prosecute her, and it’s FUCKED UP that making the worst days of her life much more difficult is “good politics” in the state of Texas, which, by the way, is an utterly FUCKED UP place.

November is the sixth straight month to set a heat record, scientists say
    Meanwhile, the 28th UN Climate Change Conference is happening in the United Arab Emirates, busily accomplishing jack crap.
    I've said all this before, sorry, but it pisses me off. Argue with me, please, 'cuz I'd love to be wrong, but there's no solution to the climate catastrophe that doesn't involve reining in global capitalism and ending the use of fossil fuels, which not only won't be allowed, it won't even be considered.
    So there's no solution. Things are gonna get unfathomably ugly on this planet — every day a disaster, everywhere. You might be gone soon enough to die of old age, but the next generation will have lives of perpetual tragedy, and your grandkids will have nasty, brutish, and short lives you wouldn't recognize.
    We could've avoided it, could've survived, but there was money to be made.

Why I am an anarchist
by Benjamin Zephaniah 

How a factory city in Wisconsin fed military-grade weapons to a Mexican cartel 

After hack at Seattle cancer clinic, patients receive threatening emails  

23andMe frantically changed its terms of service to prevent hacked customers from suing 

In 1997, Julia 'Butterfly' Hill climbed a 1000-year-old redwood tree and lived there for two years 

Biden administration uses emergency authority to sell tank shells to Israel 

McDonald's plans to add about 10,000 new stores worldwide by 2027 

There should be a Smallpox Eradication Day, every December 9th 

University of Wisconsin regents reject Republican 'deal with the devil' that would've gutted diversity  

Web filters block students from reading the news 

Texas Justice who voted to block woman’s emergency abortion was arrested 37 times protesting at clinics 

Missouri Republicans propose bills to allow murder charges for women who get abortions

Meet the woman training parents how to get books banned 

When moviemakers say "We didn't use CGI effects," they're usually lying 

The making of Brazil 

Amusing, Interesting, Outrageous, or Profound
    AIOP is my Lemmy page, for anything that's (in my opinion) amusing, interesting, outrageous, or profound. It's mostly a rough draft of this page, but you're invited to stop by.

The Police Problem
    All about about ordinary evil cops.  

Guns cops claimed were destroyed were instead dismantled and sold as 'nearly complete' gun kits 

Chicago built a new police team to rebuild community trust. It harassed drivers of color instead. 

Los Angeles Police issue warning about "possible first amendment activity" 

NYPD imposes no discipline on cops who drove SUVs into protesters 

Dude had a knife, but was putting it down, and 40 feet away from cops when they shot him 16 times 

Trump says he'll indemnify “policemen, precincts, cities, and states” from any police brutality lawsuits 

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Alpha Centauri — Alan Parsons Project 

Don't Fear the Reaper — Blue Oyster Cult with more cowbell 

Make It Rain — Tom Waits 

Science Fiction Double Feature — Rocky Horror

We are Building a Religion — Cake 


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  1. Julia Butterfly Hill - I remember she was interviewed by Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM, while she was in the tree, haha. Art always did love the ladies.

    1. I liked Art Bell — he was a conspiracy nut back when they were harmless, amusing, entertaining, and hadn't yet been internet-amplified so 47% of America believes in lizard people.

      How did he interview JBH, though? She didn't have electricity. Must've been on tape cassette.

      I remember JBH and always admired her, but a visit to her website reveals that's she's all spiritual now. Bit of a disappointment, when we need smart people with connected brains.

    2. If I remember, they temporarily rigged up a radio / cell phone for her to talk to Art. I have thousands of his shows on one of my drives, but haven't been able to find that particular episode, yet. I'll keep looking. Can't find it online, either.

      I was working third shift at the library during these years (95 - 99) and it was the absolute height of pre-millennial (but mostly harmless) paranoia, and nobody did it better than Bell. I remember so many of those shows so vividly. The great thing was, he or a guest would mention a person or subject, and since I was... in a library... I could just walk over to the card catalog and investigate myself.

      Bell was such a great, understated showman. Full of shit, but he knew how to suck you in, especially in the middle of the night. His follow-up George Dumbbell Noory is one of the worst radio hosts in history, no hyperbole, the king of malapropisms, stuttering, non sequiturs, factual errors, and company bootlicking.

      My favorite guest was always Ed Dames, purported "remote viewer." Total BS artist, but his self-serious manner was engaging. My favorite moment was Art asking Ed the safest place to move to avoid the imminent enviro/political troubles - to which he answered assuredly: The Ukraine. Like two weeks later, Russia invaded the country, hahaha (this must have been 2014). Good one, Ed! Probably a little too swayed by his mail order bride.

    3. Sounds like you were a *major* fan of Art Bell.

      You inspired me to visit his Wikipedia page, and wow, I didn't know he'd been on the air for so long. All I really remembered was that he owned a tiny radio station in Pahrump, NV, and built out the show from there, and the show was *fun*.

      I was a minor fan, didn't listen often, but he was always fun. Mostly my time with Art Bell was while I was living in my van, in Seattle and Everett some 35 years ago. I had a little TV with rabbit ears, and a couple of radios, and always I've been insomniac, and there was nothing half as interesting as Art Bell overnight. And he wasn't overtly nuts, to my recollection. Obviously he was outside the mainstream, but he and his guests sometimes made sense to me.

      And I listened to him a lot on the drive from Seattle to California, escaping my boring life and relocating to Bakersfield and then San Francisco. And then, once I got settled in Frisco, I hardly listened any more. Dunno why, except that SF had pirate radio, which I found very interesting. So I drifted away from Art Bell...

      I'm listening right now, though, to Bell's interview with Terence McKenna, live from Hawaii, 1997. Good stuff...

  2. For a news roundup its odd how little you have to say about the genocide in Gaza. Silence - complicity.

    1. It's a small world, I guess. I fuck Anonymous's mother too!

    2. It IS a small world, but I'd hate to be the one to have to re-oxygenate it.


  3. If English is not your first language, we should let you off with a warning. If you have always spoken English, "its" is the possessive of "it", e.g., "the world is falling on its ass". On the other hoof, "it's" is a contraction, omitting the i from "is". It is frequently used to make written English sound more like spoken English.

    There have been written arguments on all eight sides on this site since kidnapping and sexual attack day. Talking it to death won't ease the pain for any side in this tragic, bloody mess.

    And I'm sorry that it won't.



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