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Monday, January 8, 2024



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JAN. 8, 2024

Suicide-prevention net is finally installed beneath Golden Gate Bridge, say officials
    The Bridge has always needed a net, and this one is solid stainless steel, twenty feet below the walkway. People jumping onto this 'net' will be injured, with broken legs or arms, which might leave them unable or unwilling to crawl to a second drop into the bay.
    I've lost two friends over that drop, and hope the steel net works.
    But really, the whole project only makes sense if there's mental health care available to the survivors afterward. There's none of that in America unless you have money or fine insurance.

U-Cal Berkeley seizes, closes, seals off People's Park
    People’s Park has been people’s property since it was taken by the people in 1969. It matters not to me who ‘legally’ owns it; it’s the people’s park, and this is war on the people. 

Biden condemns Trump as dire threat to democracy in a blistering speech
    Probably it was a fine speech. Biden is a pretty good speech-giver when he has something to say, which is rarely.
    I haven't seen the speech, though. In a few minutes of searching I couldn't find video that was only the speech, not a TV newscaster's report on the speech, and sweet jeebers, I'd sooner watch bums vomit and eat it than watch TV newscasters. So I lost interest and stopped searching. If you have a link, please send it to me.
    My guess, though, from the coverage and from Biden being Biden, is that the President didn't say nearly what needs to be said. 

Auto dealers challenge FTC's car-buyer consumer protection rules
    Crooks gotta crook. 

Dolly Parton sends signed, bejeweled guitar to Austin drag performer Brigitte Bandit  

WHYY is ordered to rehire fired reporter/comedian after arbitrator finds him funny 

Shoplifting isn’t spiraling out of control, but lawmakers are pushing for tougher penalties for low-level and nonviolent crimes anyway 

Closed juvenile detention facility may be returned to Chinook 

The climate lawsuit three presidents tried to kill is finally going to court 

Microsoft is adding a new 'co-pilot/AI' key to PC keyboards 

The night the world ended
by Bruce Anderson 

A bit of confusion at the Sheng Kee Bakery
by Ace Backwords 

Walking palm trees can't walk, of course 

The Marx Brothers in Claymation [video] 

'Debtor's prison' lawsuit filed against St. Louis suburb resolved with $2.9 million settlement 

23andMe tells victims it’s their fault that their data was breached 

Missouri’s Republican-led House votes against banning minors from openly carrying firearms without adult supervision 

Missouri’s Republican Secretary of State threatens to kick Biden off the ballot as Trump payback 

Nikki Haley is so unhinged she renamed her husband 

Kentucky Republican Senator files resolution for ‘wrongfully held’ suspects in the Jan. 6 insurrection 

Kyle Rittenhouse supporters publish game about
killing his detractors en masse

Republicans trying to kill program that brings affordable broadband to the poor  

‘Extraordinary’: Some people in Biden administration develop conscience about Gaza policy 

As gun violence increases, active shooter defense industry booms 

Republicans block access to porn in North Carolina and Montana; driver's license required 

DeSantis’ anti-vax Surgeon General calls COVID shots ‘the Antichrist' 

Michigan police defend 107 mph fatal chase that started over expired tabs
    There are cases where police pursuit is warranted, but most cops are so stupid and lacking in human decency and common sense they can’t be trusted even with an obvious ‘judgment call’ like in this case.
    Dude won’t pull over for expired tabs, they’ll chase him to death and hoist a few beers afterward telling themselves they’re heroic. 

Charlotte cop is suspended for striking woman 17 times during marijuana arrest — that's 14 times too many, says chief 

Shocker: California police show severe racial bias in stops and searches, data finds 

Over broken taillight, Texas cops chase pickup into wreck; 6 people hospitalized including a 3-year-old 

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks, Zeke. Listening now.

    Is democracy America's still "sacred cause"? Never seen it, never heard it said that way, and I don't believe it's true. An anti-democracy dipshit shouting against democracy while being President and running again — that's new, though.

    "We're still a nation that gives hate no safe harbor." When was that?

    It's a yawn of a speech, a politician talking, but he's at least slightly alarmed about Trump and his ilk. All soft-spoken, though. All January 6, with little mention of the rest of Trump's cruelty and way too much yakity yak about George Washington.

    Should've been a long list of Trump's insanities. Should've been more blunt about the truth of the man. Should've lost most of the standard political platitudes, which make up at least half the speech. Can't imagine it making much impact, and it's years too late.

    I'm still waiting for someone in a leadership role to speak the truth to Trump.

    Verdict: MAYBE.


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