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Monday, January 15, 2024



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JAN. 15, 2024

Texas National Guard "physically barred" Border Patrol agents from trying to rescue migrants who drowned in the Rio Grande on Friday
    Three people are dead, but to Texas and Republicans they were Mexicans instead of people.
    As cold-blooded, cruel, anti-Christian, anti-life as everything we’ve come to expect from America’s current crop of fascists, this is still kinda startling.
    Are the killing pogroms beginning at last? 

The Supreme Court will decide if states can force hospitals to let women die
    With the possible exception of The Onion, Rolling Stone is the only mainstreamish news source that allows headlines to tell the unvarnished truth. 

Federal judge rules ban on firearms in post offices unconstitutional
    OK, then let's have guns in courthouses next, and also Congress, and the grounds of the White House. 

Fire at Seattle art gallery damages works by Picasso, Rembrandt
    This is a local story — art gallery burns — but here's the part that's pertinent to my passions:
    "… Seattle Fire Department investigators ruled the fire was accidental, likely caused by a warming fire that started in the alley and extended into the building, according to the department. ..."
    As I wrote a few days ago, it's been mighty cold here recently, and when that happens the homeless will build "warming fires" to get warm. How could anyone expect people chilled to the bone not to build a fire? Well, street people being perhaps not the most stalwart, upstanding citizens in out society, once in a while a fire will get out of hand.
    My point is: Whatever the cost of the damages to this gallery, whatever the loss of artworks, it comes down to homelessness again — a problem our society could've solved decades ago by building free and affordable public housing. That would cost money, though, so instead we let the homeless freeze to death, overdose on drugs, be beaten to death by cretins, etc.
    In every American city, we've ceded most of downtown to drunks and derelicts, we send cops to arrest them and destroy their encampments, make sure they're always more miserable, ignore their deaths, and blame the homeless for their own misery.
    Fuck the art. Start giving a damn about the people.

Netflix removes Nayanthara film after backlash from Hindu groups
    The language of religion is the language of intolerance, and it's spoken worldwide. 

What’s going on with Harvard and Bill Ackman?
    Nobody who's not at Harvard gives a rip who's president at Harvard, and neither do 99.9% of Republicans — unless it's a black woman, in which case Republicans will drive her out.

Marijuana meets criteria for reclassification as lower-risk drug, FDA scientific review finds
    Oh, french kiss my rectum. Everyone who's not a nincompoop has known for at least fifty years that marijuana is basically harmless. 

One person killed after avalanche roars through Lake Tahoe ski resort
    I'm seeing headlines phrased this way more and more often, and it's an outrage of bad grammar. There was an avalanche, and then someone died? No. The headline should be: One person killed *as* avalanche roars through Lake Tahoe ski resort, not *after*. 

Victims of newsroom raids tell their stories 

AdGuard explains: How Chrome’s 3rd party cookie replacement turns the browser into an ad auction tool 

Starbucks sued for allegedly using coffee from farms with rights abuses while touting its ‘ethical’ sourcing 

In 41 US states, richest 1% pay lower tax rates than everyone else  

Supreme Court declines to hear case of Louisiana mother whose child was physically abused by school officials multiple times 

Newly discovered cosmic megastructure challenges theories of the universe 

Black man framed by cops, spent 44 years in prison before exoneration, gets $25M settlement 

Long-time deputy gets 21 years to life in prison for child sex abuse 

Lawsuit says New Jersey jail recorded calls with attorneys, gave this info to prosecutors  

Inmate's organs, including brain, missing from decomposing body; second case revealed in last month 

Florida cop arrested on felony stalking charge has history of unruly behavior 

EFF asks Pennsylvania’s top court to stop cops from Googling for people to arrest 

30 days in jail for one of the L.A. deputies who shot a black man 34 times 

California city to pay $5m to family of Willie McCoy, who police shot 55 times 

Los Angeles business owner wins first round in case seeking compensation after SWAT team destroyed business 

Federal prisons are over capacity, but efforts to ease overcrowding are ending  

Supervillain Roger Stone discussed assassinating Democrats before 2020 election: report 

Mississippi quits child food program amid Republican 'welfare state' attack 

Half of Americans, 81% of Republicans, agree with Trump's Hitleresque claims that immigrants are "poisoning the blood" of America 

Authorities knew the insurrection of 1/6/21 was coming, and did nothing

Gov. Abbott (R-Texas) says he isn't ordering Guard to shoot migrants because "the Biden administration would charge us with murder" 

Clarence Thomas and the bottomless self-pity of the upper classes  

If you don't mind me asking, what ARE the right codewords to use on doctors and such? 

Amusing, Interesting, Outrageous, or Profound
    AIOP is my Lemmy page, for anything that's (in my opinion) amusing, interesting, outrageous, or profound. It's mostly a rough draft of this page, but you're invited to stop by. 

Canadian military police threaten sex worker who offers discount to soldiers 

Meet The Heap, "common ancestor" of the Hulk, Swamp Thing, Solomon Grundy, and Man-Thing 

Kum & Go will be done and gone by 2025 

BBC's spaghetti hoax [images and video] 

Barbra Streisand has a mall in her basement

and Kirk Alyn as Superman 

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Beat the Clock — Sparks 

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The Ecstasy of Gold, The — Metallica 

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Monkberry Moon Delight — Paul McCarthy 

Sooner or Later — The Alan Parsons Project 

Star Trek Suite — Jerry Goldsmith 

You Showed Me — The Turtles 

You're So Cool — Hans Zimmer 


Terry Bisson
author, Fire on the Mountain 

Ed Broadbent
Canadian politician 

Peter Crombie
actor,  Crazy Joe Davola on Seinfeld 

April Ferry
costume designer, Game of Thrones 

Eric Freeman
 a "slowish sort of person" 

Bud Harrelson
baseballer, New York Mets 

Bill Hayes
soap star and singer, "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" 

Harry Johnson
actor, Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

Dan Marburger

Phill Niblock
avant-garde composer 

Annie Nightingale
dj on BBC Radio 1 

Conrad Palmisano
stuntman, Weekend at Bernie's 

Tom Shales
TV critic, Washington Post


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