"You know Chrissy?"

This was supposed to be another collection of half a dozen oddities from my many bus rides, but after my ride yesterday afternoon, I've put all the other tidbits and observations aside for another day. Today, just one moment from the bus:

I took a seat near the front, behind two homeless people — a 20-something black man, and a 40-something white woman. They were talking about nothing much, nothing I could make sense of, facing each other across the aisle in the sideways seats.

Then the guy said, "You know Chrissy?"

The woman asked, "From Chicago?'

"Yeah. She froze to death night before last, under the monorail at Westlake."

"Ah, shit. I liked her."

"Everybody liked Chrissy."

Silence for half a block, and then the woman said, "Did they even try?"

"Oh yeah," said the guy. "Give the paramedics credit. They spent lots of time with her, took her away with sirens and shit, but she was dead already, I think."

More silence, and then the woman said, "Fuck," the man said, "Fuck," and I said to myself, Fuck.



  1. Amerikkka is a tragic wasteland, and the poor are left to die. Concentration camps are next...though they'll be called something nicer. I may be in one, soon enough.

    - Zeke Krahlin

    1. And all the misery is *entirely* intentional. We do it on purpose.

      Richest country in the world, tiny taxes on those who hoard the wealth, and mere nickels in the budget for people who have so nearly nothing that all their possessions fit in a trash bag.

      Our poorest die daily, and it doesn't even merit a line in the newspaper.

  2. See this topic, "Supreme Court Homelessness Ruling," from Reddit's "Homeless" sub:


    - Zeke Krahlin

    1. An interesting page, on a court case I'd been barely aware of. Trust the Supreme Court to get it worse and speed up the killings.

      For years I spent way too much time at Reddit, many happy memories. Mostly I've moved on to the 'federated' and non-corporate alternatives, but I still read Reddit once in a while, and that r/homeless page is one I'll read regularly.


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