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MAR. 30, 2024

    Finally, Joe Lieberman has done something to help Americans who aren't rich!

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After a handcuffed ride in the back of a police van, a man was left paralyzed and needed his legs amputated, lawsuit alleges
    Excerpt: The incident bears similarities to what is known as a “rough ride,” a term used to describe police placing a detained person in the back of a van, without a seat belt, and then driving erratically. The term came to mass prominence after the controversial 2015 death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, who suffered severe injuries as he was being transported in a police van.
    Me again: Gotta love how CNN saves the truth for the very last paragraph.
    Cops have been doing this — and getting away with it — since 'police cars' were invented: They put someone in the back of a police vehicle, handcuffed but without safety belts, and then drive high-speed loops, repeatedly slamming the brakes, etc, to injure and terrorize the passenger. Occasionally it makes the news, when it's particularly outrageous, but usually it's very hush hush.
    Somewhere in America, cops are giving someone a "rough ride" right now. 

 Biden administration restores threatened species protections dropped by Trump
    Well, yay ... but I don't understand why this is being done now, instead of three years ago.
    When Biden took over from a madman, I would've thought it would be someone's job to systematically go through every idiotic thing the madman did, and have Biden un-do it.
    Apparently, no, that never occurred to the Biden administration, where Louis DeJoy is still Postmaster General, and who knows how many of the madman Trump's idiot edicts are still in effect?

11 Republican-led states sue in attempt to block Biden's student loan repayment plan
    What's the point in trying to screw college grads like this? Who's hurt by reducing the pain and often impossibility of student loans?
    Answer: Republicans are simply cruel bastards, that's all.  

Despite gag order, Trump throws tantrum against judge and daughter
    Oh, my — Trump might face a small fine he won't pay.

Texas woman charged with murder in 2022 abortion sues prosecutors for $1m 

Texas pastor gets probation, for seven years of raping a kid who was 9 when he started 

Case worker 'reassigned' after speaking out on 20 deaths of homeless housed at Long Beach-owned facility  

New York Times failed to quote trans people in two-thirds of stories on anti-trans legislation 

Michigan Republican Party calls Baltimore Mayor a "colored" communist 

Texas Republicans met with group that suggested violence and jail for women who have abortions and use IVF 


Republicans put forth unfounded and sometimes racist theories on bridge collapse 

Supreme Court twiddles thumbs, so South Carolina will use unconstitutional congressional map 

Crystal Mason: Black woman sentenced to five years over voting error is acquitted on appeal 

Republican official who claimed 2020 election was stolen voted illegally 9 times, judge rules 

Virginia governor vetoes dozens of gun control bills 

Online gambling has swallowed professional sports 

Trump's press secretary wears Aryan t-shirt 

Trump posts image of Biden kidnapped and hogtied 

How can Donald Trump’s loss-making Truth Social be worth $9-billion? 

Hundreds of Chicago cops have documented histories of dishonesty and misconduct, and remain on patrol 

The front fell off. [VIDEO] 

William McGonagall, a poet 

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