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MAR. 26, 2024

    When you were a kid maybe you believed in Santa, but most children figure out that lie by the time they're ten years old. So how come almost nobody outgrows the lies that really matter, the lies that make things awful?
    The most sacred things we've been told all our lives — equality under law, American democracy, Jesus Christ, and all the rest of it — are nothing but lies, useful to the rich and powerful, and deadly to the rest of us.
    None of the world's problems can be solved until we stop believing bullshit.

Hours after Maryland bridge collapse, right-wing media blames 'open border' and COVID lockdowns
    Stupidity first, even in a tragedy. 

Appeals Court bails Trump out of having to post massive fraud bond
    Jeez, I hate this fucker. I try not to write or even think about him because it triggers my Alka-Seltzer addiction, but again and again, the rules are different for Donald Trump. Anyone else who's ordered to pay a fine, either pays the fine or pays the penalty. Nobody else can nickel-and-dime a court judgment, but Trump can. He's above the law.
    He will never be found guilty of any of his crimes. He will never be imprisoned. He will never face any penalty he can't easily afford, for any of the awful things he's done and continues doing. He's old and fat but he'll live to 110 in luxury and good health.
    If I'm wrong about any of this, I will dance naked in the crosswalk on Rainier Avenue.

Trump's Truth Social valued at more than $9-billion as it goes public in New York
    Excerpt: Trump Media has struggled since Truth Social’s lackluster launch, generating sales of only about $5m since 2021. But Digital World has increasingly been seen as a so-called meme stock, boosted by internet memes – posted, in its case, on platforms including Truth Social – urging retail investors to buy into it.
    Me again: Truth Social is a small potatoes operation for wingnuts, far from profitable as of reports just a few months ago. But of course it's worth nine billion dollars, mostly in "meme value," because the stock market and all of corporate capitalism is built on piffle and stardust. 

UN reminds Canada, Manitoba they’re breaching international law by not searching landfill
    I've been following this story a long time, so a brief recap: A Canadian serial killer targeted native women, and is believed to have dumped their bodies as trash at the local landfills. Searching the landfills, though, would be a big and expensive endeavor, so for years the cops and government have refused, as protests percolated.
    Does it matter that the search will be expensive? To me it comes down to this: If the dead had the last name Trudeau, they would've searched the dumps already, immediately, and money wouldn't have been a factor. They'd search for anyone remotely connected to the rich and powerful, but the poor can rot in the city dump.

Oath Keepers' son runs for office, as a Democrat
    Dakota Adams would have my vote, but he's in Montana, where he probably has a better chance of being beaten up than elected. 

The hotel guest who wouldn't leave
    This story is a hoot. Dude used some laws everyone had forgotten about, to make himself 'owner' of a hotel in New York City. 

Courts say cops and government agencies can watch your house for years, without a warrant

A guide to Project 2025, the extreme right-wing agenda for the next Republican administration

Germany legalizes possession of cannabis for personal use 

What a day in prison is really like 

How does Paris stay Paris? By pouring billions into public housing. 

Louisiana hopes to reduce crime by letting teens conceal-carry guns 

DeSantis signs bill rolling back child labor regulations 

Biden did not die in 2020, as posts online claim 

The {big old hairy} royal order of adjectives 

The respected Oxford professors who say they time traveled 

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Peter Angelos
asbestos attorney and Baltimore Orioles owner 

Linda Bean
L.L. Bean heiress and scumbag 

Vincent Bonham
rock'n'roller, Raydio

Laurent de Brunhoff
Babar: the next generation

Ron Harper
actor, Garrison's Gorillas 

Travis Hunt
forgotten man 

Eli Noyes
stop-motion animator, Liquid Television 

Richard Serra

Nancy Valverde
human rights activist 

Paula Weinstein
film producer, The Perfect Storm 

Colin Weller
forgotten man


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  1. The legalization of cannabis here (in Germany) is done so poorly, there are a million different restrictions, and most people will probably just continue to get their stuff from their usual "sellers". I'd hope that the rules get more lax with time but that doesn't seem likely.

    The opposition has also promised to reverse the law after the next election if they get elected, which seems very likely at the moment.

    1. This is another reason I've lost all hope. Marijuana is the mildest, safest fun drug there is — safer than alcohol, safer than caffeine — but banning it remains a viable political strategy that lots of voters support. It's always half a step forward, half a step back...


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