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MAR. 22, 2024

Ruth Bader Ginsburg award ceremony canceled after fallout over honorees
    I've always thought highly of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and I'll continue to, but she must've been a doddering shell of senility in her last years, as she stayed on the Supreme Court when Obama could've named her replacement, and died instead for Donald Trump.
    And she must've been mentally absent to endow an award like this, without enough fine print to ensure it wouldn't be given to three assholes at once — Michael Milken, Rupert Murdoch, Elon Musk. 

Climate models can’t explain 2023's huge heat anomaly — we could be in uncharted territory
    Not "could be." We are.

Climate change is causing trees to struggle to "breathe"
    Excerpt: Trees are struggling to sequester heat-trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) in warmer, drier climates, meaning that they may no longer serve as a solution for offsetting humanity’s carbon footprint as the planet continues to warm, according to a new study led by Penn State researchers.
    Me again: This is (another) tipping point. The battle's been lost without a battle.

'No theatre on a dead planet': climate activists disrupt Broadway show
    I love this, especially since the play was Henrik Ibsen's An Enemy of the People, which is about being punished for speaking a truth people don't want to hear.

The Supreme Court’s confusing new border decision, explained
    Excerpt: Though this order is temporary, the result is quite surprising. Texas’s law, which allows state officials to arrest migrants and state courts to order them deported to Mexico, violates 150 years of settled law establishing that the federal government, and not the states, gets to decide which foreign nationals may enter or remain in the United States.
    Me again: With this flamboyantly corrupt Supreme Court, there's no such thing as "settled law."

World's population to fall for first time since the Black Death
    Some good news at last — you're welcome! 

"They're gone but not forgotten": Los Angeles homeless community mourns those killed by city policies 

Republican commissioners have single-handedly blocked FEC action against Trump 29 times  

Global ocean heat has hit a new record every single day for the last year  

State Medicaid offices target dead people's homes to recoup their health care costs 

Users ditch Glassdoor, stunned by site adding real names without consent 

GM, LexisNexis sued for (nontransparent) sale of driver behavior data to insurers  

Trump predicts "bloodbath" if he loses election, and claims "Biden beat Obama" 

There was no Russian election 

Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, praises "very valuable" potential of Gaza's "waterfront property" 

How Trump's allies are winning the war over disinformation 

Republican US Senator: Malevolent supernatural forces are working to undermine America 

Carol Doda was no feminist pioneer. She was something else altogether. 

This land is their land. 

I am daunted by the complexities and unknowns.

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Emmet Bergin
actor, Excalibur 

Neeli Cherkovski

Dianne Crittenden
casting director, Star Wars 

Frans de Waal
monkey butt researcher 

John Farrell
fed the hungry 

Martin Greenfield

Anne Heywood
actress, The Fox

Bryan Malinowski
gun enthusiast 

Shigeichi Negishi
inventor of karaoke  

James Robinson III
monster, American Express 

David Seidler
screenwriter, The King's Speech 

Chris Simon
hockey player, Washington Capitals 

Tom Stafford

Vernor Vinge
author, A Deepness in the Sky 

M. Emmet Walsh
actor, Blood Simple


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