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MAY 1, 2024

    Something's happening here, but what it is ain't exactly clear. There are protests on campuses all across the country, with college administrators reliably responding wrong. Seems like old times.
    Media coverage describes the protesters as pro-Palestine, and counter-protesters as pro-Israel, but I barely care about Palestine and Israel. I'm anti-genocide, that's all, and rooting for the protesters against pro-genocide motherfuckers.
Not wanting to kill people for who they are has always been a minority opinion, of course. Humans are our worst enemy, and once the leaders whip us into a frenzy, most people are pro-genocide.

Amazon reports $10.4 billion profit in first quarter of 2024
    So long as profits like this are legal, we are doomed. 

Dolphin found shot to death on Louisiana beach, NOAA offering $20k reward to find killer
    Gotta be the most all-American headline of the week. 

A case study in how Google has ruined the internet 

2-5 years to sci-fi level AI? Former OpenAI employee sounds alarm. 

How GM tricked millions of drivers into being spied on (including me) 

Prosecutors seek to jail Miami mom for posting news stories about cop who shot son 

Texas DA wants black woman's illegal voting conviction reinstated 

Baseball mascot sets world record for hugs 

Still a reliable goosebump generator 

Harlan Ellison: the antichrist of science fiction 

Harlan Ellison vs James Cameron over The Terminator 


Been Rolling So Long — Larry Penn 

Glory Hallelujah — Frank Turner 

Just a Song Before I Go — Crosby Stills & Nash 

Resist — Janis Ian 

When I'm With You — Sparks 


Lenard "Nardy" Andrus
longtime survivor 

Paul Auster
novelist, 4 3 2 1

Alfonso Chardy
reporter, Miami Herald

Bob Cole
Hockey Night in Canada

Alex Hassilev
folk singer, the Limeliters 

Brian McCardie
actor, Filth

Robbi Mecus
rescue climber 

Zack Norman
man about town in Hollywood 

Andrea Doria Dos Passos
forgotten woman 

Reginald Riggs
forgotten man 

John Trimble
'Save Star Trek' campaign, 1968


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