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MAY 4, 2024

Biden's top economic advisor rambles incoherently when asked a simple question
    Economics is about 88% bullshit. Once past the very basic rules of supply and demand, it's more and more comprised of gibberish like this, but you don't usually hear it so very unpolished. 

Evergreen State College agrees to explore Israel divestment after deal with students
    Excerpt: Protesters at The Evergreen State College in Olympia agreed to remove their week-old encampment Tuesday night after striking a deal with administrators that includes the school publicly calling for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war and exploring divestment from companies that profit from "the occupation of Palestinian territories."
    Me again: That's a small, symbolic gesture, utterly painless. Any school that's not openly, proudly evil, like Columbia University, should be able to make a similar agreement. 

Cops watch as anti-genocide protesters are attacked at UCLA
    Excerpt: … Students and reporters for multiple outlets said university-hired security forces locked themselves in nearby buildings and police looked on for hours before intervening. …
    Me again: This is an example of The Guardian being, as usual, a better-than-average news source. In other coverage of this (L.A. Times, N.Y. Times), the dozen or so masked people who attacked protesters are repeatedly called 'counter-protesters'.
    By what stretch of milquetoast journalism is assault and battery a 'counter-protest'? 

15 Portland police cars badly burned Thursday morning; arson suspected
    Arson is not 'suspected' here. It's confirmed, unless police are also investigating spontaneous combustion.

History of pot prohibition in America
    Excerpt: … In 1914, one of the first cannabis drug raids in the nation occurred in the Mexican-American neighborhood of Sonoratown in Los Angeles, where police raided two "dream gardens" and confiscated a wagonload of cannabis. …
    Me again: It's always been racism, always.

God tells Dr Phil to attack the "woke mob" 

Florida's wingnut Governor signs first-in-nation ban on sale of lab-grown meat 

Students share what it's like to graduate amid massive campus protests 

What happens when Google censors news to protect its bottom line?  

Myth of 'superhuman strength in Black people persists in 'excited delirium'' deadly encounters with police 

How the right-wing turned protest into a criminal enterprise


All That
by Sparks

Hocus Pocus
by Focus

Marilyn and Joe
by Kinky Friedman

Them Belly Full, But We Hungry
by Bob Marley & the Wailers

by Sinéad O'Connor


Antonio Cantafora
actor, Supermen Against the Orient

Anne Innis Dagg

Duane Eddy
rock'n'roller, "Rebel Rouser" 

Alice Holloway Young
teacher, human rights activist 

Robert Martin
human rights activist 

Ben "Nature" Beeman
forgotten man 

Richard Tandy
rock'n'roller, Electric Light Orchestra


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  1. "human rights activist"

    I want my obit to label me a "human wrongs activist"

    Thanks in advance

    1. You're welcome in retrospect.

      Sometimes I pause before typing "human rights activist," as I don't know that there's any other kind of activism, other than the well-funded opposition to human rights.


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