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MAY 9, 2024

Many climate scientists predict a "semi-dystopian" future, with famines, conflicts and mass migration, driven by heatwaves, wildfires, floods and storms               Only "semi-dystopian," eh? Such optimism! 

New York Times editor says Trump's danger to democracy is not a top concern
    Excerpt: "It’s our job to cover the full range of issues that people have. At the moment, democracy is one of them. But it’s not the top one — immigration happens to be the top [of polls], and the economy and inflation is the second. Should we stop covering those things because they’re favorable to Trump and minimize them?"
    New York Times executive editor Joe Kahn

America’s unseen book bans: the long history of censorship in prisons 

Could Vienna's approach to affordable housing work in California? 

TikTok dances into court, slams ban as unconstitutional 

Seattle cop who joked about pedestrian killed by speeding cop will speak on  traffic safety at conference 

Biden is on board with the lie, equating campus protests with antisemitism
    There has been a "ferocious surge of antisemitism in America," but it's not on campus. It's from the same people who are ferociously racist and anti-LGBTQ, and now lying that anti-genocide means anti-semitism.
    I don't doubt that there's a sprinkling of anti-semites among the protesters, same as there are anti-semites at baseball games and everywhere else in America. Anyone violent or threatening violence needs to be arrested and prosecuted, of course.
    But in all this campus hubbub over the past month, the violent and frightening people are the ones ordering the end of protests. And now the President of the United States is standing behind the people ordering the end of protests. 

The real takeover of Columbia University was by those on the right 

Who has the right to "disrupt" the University?

The mainstream media distorted our anti-Vietnam War protests 50 years ago. They're following the same strategy today. 

State of Florida tells universities to take 'any steps necessary' to prevent pro-Palestine protests 


    Desperados Under the Eaves
by Warren Zevon

    Hold Your Head Up
by Argent

    PeeWee's Suite
by Danny Elfman

    Variations on a Theme by Erik Satie
by Blood Sweat and Tears

    You Ain't Been Doing Nothing If You Ain't Been Called A Red
by Risky Biscuit


Steve Albini
rock'n'roller, poker player 

Zoey Alexandria
voice actress, Dead By Daylight 

Susan Buckner
actress, Grease 

Lynn Ellsworth
made Eddie Van Halen's guitar 

Jeannie Epper
stunt performer, Wonder Woman 

Ian Gelder
actor, Torchwood 

Bernard Hill
actor, Titanic 

Frank Stella
arty guy


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  1. We're in a period of reaction, no doubt about that, but Kahn and Ackman and all of these other idiots (useful or otherwise) seem like they have the wind at their back and a real Silent Majority on their side. These are very hard days, I think we can agree with that, and likely more to come.

    Just scroll down to your obituaries and note the death of Zoey Alexandria. It briefly mentions controversy around her recent voice acting job for Dead by Daylight, which makes it sound like it's just the words of more online bigots. But it glosses over the words of even the person they're writing the obituary about, because the actual controversy is that Alexandria felt that they had actually manipulated her into voicing a stereotype:


    This was just a few months ago! And it's being glossed over by (checks) "pinknews.com". And it's not even really noteworthy that (a) this was done to someone trans or (b) this is being done to someone *again* after their death at age 29.

    1. Very hard days indeed. Things have been bad and getting worse for a long time, but even as recently as Trump's 2016 election I thought most mentions of "creeping fascism" were hyperbole.

      They ain't, of course, and it ain't creeping any more, it's sprinting. There's a real ugly future coming at us, and unlike climate change, I'm not even sure I'll be dead before absolute fascism splats America in the face.

      Excellent and aggravating backstory on Zoey Alexandria. I hadn't known any of it, and I wonder if Pink News knew. It's a huge and corporate operation, and it wouldn't surprise me if obits there are written by an unpaid interns, and maybe this one had never heard of Zoey Alexandria before being given the assignment.

  2. Northern Lights tonight in America, beautiful.

    Hillary Clinton continues to be a political nothing.

    1. Thanks for the Northern Lights heads up. It got me to put on pants and go outside at around 2AM, and it was something I'd never seen before. Not as beautiful as the pictures of it this morning, but I think those pix are time lapse. All I had was naked eye, but it was kinda purply and green and gorgeous.

    2. What's the point of getting up at 2AM to go outside and look at the Northern Lights, if you have to wear pants?

    3. https://www.threads.net/@urbanwonkenobi/post/C62k5cnrlRp

    4. I didn't *have* to, I *chose* to.

      I was getting emails telling me how beautiful were the northern lights, but I couldn't see squat from my window, and putting on pants was too much bother, so I didn't look at 10, didn't look at midnight, didn't look until 2 damn it.

    5. Ha! on the gay universe, too.

  3. That Hilary piece is Newsweek hyping things like they always do now that they're shit. She's just saying the students need to study all of Middle East history before forming an opinion on whether genocide is good or bad.

    1. She's frickin' *horrible*, owned and awful on every issue, but H Clinton is, in my opinion, a slightly better-than-average Democratic Party politician.

  4. We should be having panic attacks by now. Climate isn't changing it has changed, and it's on;y going to get worse, and maybe something can be done but you know nothing is being done and nothing will be done. We're fucked, but all anyone is doing is (at most) talking about it. Most people arent' even doing that.

    1. It's the most awful thing happening, but it's happening slowly enough that we're all fiddlin' while the Earth smolders and burns.


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