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Live report from the terrifying occupation of the lawn at University of Michigan
    Excerpt: "… I really don't feel terrorized or threatened yet. Let's walk through, give everybody a chance to assault me or insult me or terrorize me…"



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MAY 14, 2024

Right-wing thugs who attacked UCLA anti-genocide protesters appear to be same perps from violent anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-vaccine protests
    Excerpt: ... The demonstrations, part of a broader right-wing effort to sow unrest and undermine an alleged "liberal agenda" at US schools, have at times been marked by violence and drawn far-right participants from around the region, including people associated with local Proud Boy and Three Percenter militia chapters and fundamentalist Christian churches.
    Manuk Grigorian, one of the organizers of some of the southern California "Leave Our Kids Alone" protests, was also present at the counter-protests at UCLA on 30 April. Grigorian frequently appeared on Fox News to discuss the school board demonstrations last summer, where he leveled false claims that certain public education districts were "grooming" children to develop LGBTQ+ identities.
    Michael Ancheta, a former mixed martial arts fighter who in the past associated with southern California Proud Boys and assaulted a journalist at a 2021 anti-vaccine protest in West Hollywood, was spotted among the pro-Israel crowd at UCLA on on 28 April, when pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian protesters staged dueling rallies near the encampment, and again on 30 April. Ancheta, who until recently ran an Instagram account under the handle "Antifahunter", has been a frequent participant in the Leave Our Kids Alone demonstrations. ...
    Me again: Obviously, these are not 'counter-protesters'.
    And I laughed at this line: "Authorities are still working to identify the perpetrators, and have not made any arrests." Yeah, I'm sure the authorities are up all night, doggedly investigating. 

Yacht sinks after latest orca attack in strait of Gibraltar
    Orcas, orcas, we love you, for all the good things that you do. 

Catholic radio networks push back on new race and gender reporting rules
    Color me chuckle-headed and clueless, but I didn't even know that the child-fucking Catholic Church has three Catholic radio networks.
    Taxing the church isn't enough; it needs to be broken up as a monopoly. And also, of course, every parish office needs weekly CPS inspections. 

After right-wing backlash, Target will sell Gay Pride merchandise only at select stores
    I'm having a tough time seeing this as bad news. It's not like some tiny sliver of the proceeds were funneled back to the LGBTQ community; Target was exploiting LGBTQs, not supporting them.
    To whatever minuscule extent selling the merch 'helps' by showing 'normals' that LGBTQs exist, yanking it is a truer indication of reality — that even this tiny nod toward the LGBTQmunnity gets cancelled at the slightest hint of subtracting 17¢ from a corporation's bottom line. 

For Mormon missionaries, some "big, big changes"
    The Mormons are 'loosening' the rules their much-hated door-to-door 'missionaries' live under. Just how loose? 'Missionaries' will now be allowed to call home to their families once a week (in the past, calls were only allowed on Mother’s Day and at Christmas). And female 'missionaries' (missionariettes?) will be allowed to wear pants!  

Web publishers brace for carnage as Google adds AI answers
    This will be catastrophic for little websites and monetized blogs barely struggling along.
    And even without the AI factor (which merely mimics and steals the work of actual writers and artists), why would anyone want ginormous corporations answering all their questions?
    Isn't that what God is for?

One TV episode convinced America to drink wine.
    Jeez, man. I watched that episode of 60 Minutes, 33 years ago. Did you see it, and did it sell you a case of wine?
    Not me. Even then, I assumed the segment was sponsored by Big Booze. 

Record-breaking increase in CO₂ levels in world’s atmosphere  

Louisiana Republicans move to make abortion pills "controlled dangerous substances"

If it's too tiny to read,
click it and it'll get bigger.

Republican Senator proposes federal database to collect data on pregnant people 

22 Republican-led states sue Biden administration to remove protections for LGBTQ students 

Republican Senator suggests nuking Gaza, calls Hiroshima bombing "the right decision" 

Trump praises fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter during rally speech … ... ... again 

4th Circuit to cops: arresting someone for following your instructions means you don't get any immunity  

The anti-apartheid movement in the United States was fueled by student activists

Republican introduces absurd bill to send arrested student protesters to Gaza   

American protests have changed, but America's response has changed a great deal. 

California State University Sacramento did something crazy: listened to student protesters instead of calling the cops on them 

'Lost' spy satellite orbited Earth undetected for 25 years—until now, scientists say 

Rules for the blues

I read everything Elon Musk posted for a week. Send help. 


    Boulevard of Broken Dreams
by Green Day

    The Future
by Leonard Cohen

    I'm Not Gonna Miss You
by Glen Campbell

    Red Crayola
by Born in Flames

    Whistle Boeing
by Jesse Welles


John Barbata
rock'n'roller, the Turtles 

Rick Bevel
forgotten person 

Sean Burroughs
baseballer, Long Beach Little League 

Roger Corman
made movies without spending millions 

Moo Cat

Mark Damon
producer, The NeverEnding Story

Michael Gill
good guy 

Bill Holman
jazz composer, "Invention for Guitar and Trumpet" 

Terry O'Connor
rock-climbing doctor 

Cyril Wecht
conspiracy pathologist


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