Hope you like orange.

Thank you, Captain Hampockets, for relaying my messages the past few days. Thanks too, to the people who’ve contacted me by email. I can’t remember so many folks saying so many nice things to me, ever. 

What happened is: Reddit says I broke a rule — upvoted (or maybe downvoted?) something I'd written under an alias. Reddit's internal mechanisms are algorithms so I must have done it — whoops & sorry. For my accidental crime, I've been sentenced to a week in solitary, here on my recliner.

I'm not mad at 'em, but it means I can't trust Reddit with my writing, so — welcome to whatever this is. The URL is ItsDougHolland.com, because I'm tired of being a lazy cheapskate and want my name back. The title is Mostly Words, but I might change it. Heck, might change it every day. You can't do that on Reddit.

I hope you like orange, the dominant hue here. It’s my favorite color when it’s not Donald Trump.

This site is very much in beta mode. Please zing me an email if you spot any typos or broken links, etc — itsdougholland at gmail.com. Also, please pardon the mess as I'm importing all my old material from Reddit and posting it here. For the next few days, if you only want to see new posts, look for "Recent posts" in the sidebar, or visit the archives page.

And now, some leftovers & links:

ᐅ  Let's do the banana dance.

ᐅ  I am older than my father was when he died, and he didn’t die young.

ᐅ  I haven’t seen Duel  in a great many years, but younger-and-slimmer-me thought it was terrific. This article made me put it on my rewatch list.

ᐅ  And I'll close with some bad poetry that I invented and sang in the shower yesterday:

I am flabby
I am weird
last night’s dinner
in my beard

That's all I have to say. Now it's your turn. 

Is anyone even out there yet? 


Leftovers & links 

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  1. Happy to be of service.

    *Duel* is a pretty dang good film.

    1. I going to watch it this weekend. I was 13 when it came on TV (ABC, I think), and I remember watching it and hoping it would be as good as it looked, and it was. I remember thinking whoever wrote this, I want more from that author, and he didn't disappoint. I don't remember even thinking about the director, though.

    2. Captain HampocketsMay 28, 2021 at 5:16 PM

      Yeah, it's Spielberg, but he hadn't yet found his style.

  2. Was reading about the Mars discovery mission last night and was like..OMG

    Spcifically this little tid bit: "In a ground-breaking announcement from NASA, the Martian rover, Curiosity, has discovered organic molecules on the surface of Mars."

    Last time I checked, organic molecules mean life.

    That's what it means to me, from watching Star Trek all my life.

    1. Dictionary.com says organic molecules means "A molecule of the kind normally found in living systems."

      Are they using vague language so our planet's idiots don't freak out?

    2. Well heres my theory. What if mars is like a beacon. (Stick with me here) Assuming that intelligent alien life exists, what if an advanced society was monitoring mars like a seismograph, waitng for other intellegent life to have advanced technology to explore it. Only reason I say this strange lights in the sky or UFO sightings have gone up nearly 30% since we started probing mars.

    3. Hadn't heard that ...

      What does "since we started probing Mars" mean — very recently?

    4. yes since the new probe landed on Mars

    5. That was just a month or so ago, right?

      And I hear spooky music in the background ...

  3. oneofthebuttsistersMay 28, 2021 at 11:26 AM

    Tee hee. Podcast I'm listening to. "We need to stop shoulding on ourselves. We should do this, I should be this. Quit all the shoulding!"

    It's right, but it's also stupid. Why am I listening to this.

    I like the new site. Congratulations, and Reddit's loss.

    1. Captain HampocketsMay 28, 2021 at 3:52 PM

      I first heard that phrase in a VERY VERY underrated Saturday Night Live movie, "Stuart Saves His Family." "Listen to me, I'm shoulding all over myself."

      Seriously, it's in the top 10 SNL movies, maybe the top 5.


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