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Only the good die young.

Not today

5 simple rules for work 

No sick leave for workers

Holiday pizza 

George becomes Stanley

Next, could someone please sue Microsoft? 

Pickle barrel man

Nothing to complain about

Saturday, December 17, 1994

Hey, space aliens, take me, too. 

An abortion by mail

Where's Jackie Chan's forehead? 

How could I not do this?

A call from HR 

Seven more movies

A nervous lunch 

This will be uninteresting.

Family, friends, and a stranger

Joycelyn Elders & Gimme Shelter

Bimbo man

The meaning of Christmas

Come in from the cold.

No kissing, please.

One undeniable fact 

A lot of us lead pathetic lives.


Seven more movies 


“This ain’t that kind of hotel, toots.” 


Is Jonathan Franzen the greatest writer who's ever written? 

Chains on my ankles, again.

Still waiting 

Don't be a putz like George Bailey.

"Happy girl!"

Breakfast at Tad's

Benzene on my balls 

A serious woman

Witty quips, lies, half-truths and more lies, setups, put-downs, and still more lies 

A zen experience

“The movies are your mistress.” 

Seven more movies

No pooping, no peeing.


Mrs Edwards' Coffee Shop 

A cockroach in captivity

Unanswered questions

Seven more movies 

The web, before giant corporations took control

In living color

A new innovation 

Thank you, nobody.

Taqueria El Castillito 

Fever started long ago

Poop ticket 

Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Bras

Still life on paper

Song on the radio

Seven more movies

Bum vs Lady 

No longer friends

"I'm not going to die here."

"Do you smell smoke?"

Seven more movies

$2 plastic pinchy picker-upper

Always on the balcony 

Carlotta cries

Whale caroms 

Denise at 22

Loogie unhocked

“If” there are layoffs

“You won't be forgotten.” 

A friend

A library card

The Match

Counselor Troi

Beers with Beatrice

Seven more movies 

Fuck you, Jim Harrison.

One fine day at the grocery store

And there goes Dad. 

Codeine and doobie

Breakfast at the Diner — #52

Soggy and hurting

Medical defense

Tooth trouble

Our Confederate dead

Kissing myself

I don’t even understand the question.

Pulling teeth

4th of July picnic

The family

Visit to Seattle

Union Corners

Why so ordinary?

Seven more zines

Last train of the night

The party house 

Marijuana, LSD, and Tootsie Pops

Can a fat guy survive the summer without air conditioning?

Inside the Rainbow

Breakfast at the Diner — #51

Slugged a guy

Music in a bad mood

How to lose friends and annoy strangers

My brother, and my other brother

Bumbling at Civic Center

The floating bridge

Not in the mail

Seven more movies

Won't you please help?

51 nights in Waco, Texas

Drug deals at work

Suspicious of the broccoli

The end table

Seven more zines

Secret words

Haight Street scene report

The sign on the door

And there goes Margaret.

Blush and eyeliner

Tweaker at the store

Nothing happened.

Seven more movies

“Good morning, Darla.”

And there goes Stu.

The break room

Eventually it gets boring.

Seven more zines

Uh-oh, he's ranting.

That's what freedom is.

"We all miss Charlie."

The opposite of Catholic

The company

The Babs-and-Darla-Edict

Seven more movies

"Please call me."

Pickle dogs

Singalong with Kallie

Seven more zines

An inappropriate workplace conversation

God and guns

Miserable Douchebag, Part 19

Gus and Stan

Blue Angels, my ass.

The office flunky you're looking for

B-movie star

Good luck

Slob manifesto

Seven more movies

The city at night

News without nonsense

Very very frightening

Seven zines

The music of the night

T minus five months 

Underwear, batteries, and beans

Radical laundry

She didn't even say "Uh."

My busy social calendar

Algiers (1938) 

A fuse burns out

Seven more movies

Is Ken Kesey cuckoo?


On the nose

The Rose Bud Movie Palace

A message to management

My grandmother's grandparents

“More human than human, is our motto.”

Infinite flies

"Leave the gun. Take the cannoli."

Never in bluejeans 

Seven movies

The King is coming!

Screw the rotting corpse of Billy Graham.

Habit, not hunger

Double doublecross



Close to the margins

Soul cancer

Science fiction double feature 

Letter from San Francisco

"They gave their lives for their country."

Old noir and science fiction

Money diet

That girl at summer camp

This blog is a zine.

Pina colada and nachos 

Film noir, sci-fi, and tartar sauce


Fall on the rock

I hate writing.

Location # 181

Ignorant assumptions

Breakfast at the Diner — #50

You've got a friend.

"Is there anything else you want us to know?"

Seven women

The 4th of July, 2020

Jeff Koyen of Crank

Please adjust your fine tuning.

Me and Norma Shearer

Drunken Master

A copy of your copy?

Breakfast at the Diner — #49

16 crumpets


On the 8th floor

Republicans' Disease

Now playing at The Strand

The Vientiane Palace

A pretty good day before dust 

"You folks lost?"

Nobody's shrink or guru 

Memo to Management 


The New Yorker

Incident at Walgreens 

Conversation in the cafeteria

The Workplace Improvement Committee

Breakfast at the Diner — #48


"Welcome to Netscape!"

Breakfast at the Diner — #47

Links and leftovers

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Mom

Hope you like orange.

Somewhere in Time (1980)

Breakfast at the Diner — #46

Oh, look. It's crocodiles again. 

You may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful house.

The Sincere Cafe

Breakfast at the Diner — #45

Scary women 

Brainstorm (1983) 

Time and Again (book report)

The Ghost Writer (2010)

Breakfast at the Diner — #44                

"They're coming for your guns!" 

Man of La Mancha (1972)

Yes, we have no children. 

Blender the secret cat

This is a pep talk for myself, but you're welcome to listen in.  

Letters to the editor

Middle-school talent show 

Breakfast at the Diner — #43

The Tenderloin at midnight 

The shared shelf

Breakfast at the Diner — #42

A few fewer churches

Call it the blues

Breakfast at the Diner — #41 

I did it, and got away with it.

Black-and-white double feature

Breakfast at the Diner — #40 

The meaning of pi 

This is not a paid advertisement.

Breakfast at the Diner — #39

Pretend you're Sam Donaldson 

One absolute truth

Good thinking, boss.

Breakfast at the Diner — #38 

An unhappy ending 

Almost done

Breakfast at the Diner — #37 

Upstairs neighbor

My crappy job that just got crappier

"Hello, Rebecca." 

Breakfast at the Diner — #36

A day without pants

Lunch with the doomed 

That magnificent deuce

Breakfast at the Diner — #35

Zines and movies are all I got 

Van dreaming

Breakfast at the Diner — #34

Return to sender

We're not Nazarenes.

Late night justice

Breakfast at the Diner — #33

When You Reach Me (book) 


I'll have a cocktail, please.

Breakfast at the Diner — #32

Sidewalk pinball

And there goes Ralph.

And there goes Bruno. 

323 pounds of me

Breakfast at the Diner — #31

We're walking here

The camera can't be uninstalled.

Performance review

Call me Karen.

Breakfast at the Diner — #30

Daily Drama Queen

The mumbling man and me

Monitoring my monitor

Breakfast at the Diner — #29

Any bolt or sprocket

Izzy the rescue cat

Stop, stand, and wait.   

More mumbles and less Maggie

Breakfast at the Diner — #28

“It doesn’t want to drop, huh?” 

"Don't make me go."  

Me and the man upstairs 

Planning for retirement

Breakfast at the Diner — #27

What do you have in you? 

Plans for the weekend

How to make friends and pick up chicks 

Breakfast at the Diner — #26 

Jackie Chan double feature

Free cannoli and cheesecake 

Breakfast at the Diner — #25 


Hello neighbors. You are loved. 

God is love (some restrictions may apply)

Breakfast at the Diner — #24

Just one question

The grass is greener

Drop it

Breakfast at the Diner — #23

Smells like San Francisco 

"You have to put yourself out there."

Breakfast at the Diner — #22

A neighbor knocks 

Out of the ordinary 

Looking out the window of the train

Breakfast at the Diner — #21

A weighted blanket 

My dinner with Agnes

Breakfast at the Diner — #20

Not drunk, not disorderly, just ... lost

No words 

Me and my brother 

Breakfast at the Diner — #19 

Ah, to be young again 

Belching and scratching my 'nads

You are cordially invited. 

"Briefly Noted" 

Breakfast at the Diner — #18 

Aren't you proud to be an American?

Sure, I'll embarrass myself by posting this. 

Mom's visit

Outsource this. 

Third cubicle on the left

Breakfast at the Diner — #17

I am not downloading an app to buy a candy bar. 

That's a wrap.

Uvula, uvula, uvula. 

Breakfast at the Diner — #16 


I'm not going anywhere, ever.

Breakfast at the Diner — #15

An old man babbles about a newspaper 

Heads up about ExpressVPN 

"Call us if it gets worse."

Breakfast at the Diner — #14

Laziness learned from my father

Chopping onions without tears 

Lights out at the Strand

What's Love Got to Do with It 

Breakfast at the Diner — #13 

Never do a stranger's laundry 

Our song 

I'm not insulting you.

But ... if the schools are closed, who's gonna beat me up? 

Breakfast at the Diner — #12 

A gentleman doesn't discuss such things.

The pursuit of happiness 

Physically incapable

Breakfast at the Diner — #11

Just sondering

Spare change?


Most peculiar, Mama

Breakfast at the Diner — #10

Clearly, someone has a hot plate.

Getting your act together 

Breakfast at the Diner — #9

Six movies in two days

A security issue with Zoom 

My deepest, darkest secret

Breakfast at the Diner — #8 

Reduce your cell phone bill by 100% 

Say something nice. 

Breakfast at the Diner — #7


Things to love about COVID-19 

An elevated throne 

Breakfast at the Diner — #6

Happy birthday to me.          x

Perfect popcorn 

Zero-cost hair-care 

Breakfast at the Diner — #5

Vacuum cleaners 

Endorsed by Louis Armstrong 

Breakfast at the Diner — #4

Doc Bronner's soap 

Actually, you DO want to give me your Social Security number.

Breakfast at the Diner — #3

Long distance is the next best thing to not being there. 

Write notes to yourself. 

Eulogizing Elvis 

Breakfast at the Diner — #2

So I bailed. 

This is the stupidest thing I've seen since yesterday. 

Fun with cockroaches 

Breakfast at the Diner — #1

A movie that changed my life

Acme Amalgamated 

Brush your teeth, kids. 

The 'secret menu' at fast-food restaurants


Books, cheap

Yes, you CAN run away from your problems.  

$20 for a spare toilet

Life advice from a high school dropout 

You can ring my bell.

A stupid and pointless story

It's the landlord's problem

You don't want cops as neighbors.

They / Them / Their

I finally got Beaned 

Bun Man

$50,000 for Donald Trump

The Man from Earth (2007)

The day I became lazy 

Picnic for one


Ten ideas for a better America 

When your dreams exceed your budget 

My new bidet — $15.49

More things that are bullshit

"So I changed my life." 

Lost Horizon (1973)

Helpful hint for dieters

... like tears in rain

Out of the Past (1947)

Kansas City Confidential (1952) 

Abortion in the Bible

Shower thoughts 

Twenty years or less, is my guess


Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956 and 1978)

Things that are bullshit

Corporations are a problem we can solve. 

Welcome to western civilization.

Giving socks

Canceling the cable 

The last rites 

Going through the motions

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