Eventually it gets boring.

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♦ No matter where you go, people are usually boring. They talk about nonsense that matters to them — their children, their hobbies, the shows they watch, the god they worship, whatever they’re on about. There’s no escape except not being there when they’re talking. If at all possible, I try not to be there.

Of course, I’m as boring to them as they are to me. Being boring is the one thing all of humanity has in common, except maybe the Dos Equis beer guy. I hear he’s quite interesting. 

We all go through our lives, hoping to find someone, somewhere, who has something interesting to say. When you find someone who seems interesting, you stop and listen. Maybe you listen for a long while. Almost always, though, eventually it gets boring. 

♦ “What do you do for a living?” boring people ask me, because that’s the boring beginning of a boring conversation and I guess a boring conversation is what people want.

I have a job, but I don’t do anything “for a living” except live. That clichΓ©, “for a living,” implies that if you’re not working it’s not living, and that’s just wrong. While we're alive, working is the time we’re least alive.

♦ I worked at the office last week, which was horrible. I’d been working from home since the start of the pandemic, but what with the layoffs coming up, one of our in-the-office workers has quit and another was on vacation, so there I was. 

There were too many people, but for me two is too many people. Some of them don’t take wearing a mask seriously, which pissed me off. The phone rang once in a while, which pissed me off. I had to shower on my time, instead of on company time, which pissed me off. People who hadn’t seen me for a year and a half wanted to talk, and wanted me to be happy to see them, but my happiness at seeing them is ten seconds, not ten minutes.

All in all a week at the office was thoroughly unpleasant, and it’s unconscionable that people are forced to do this five days a week, fifty weeks a year, for their entire adult lives. Where’s the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, dang it?

This week I'll be working from home again — thank Christ. I am typing this on Sunday night, and it doesn’t matter that I have no clean clothes to wear tomorrow. I might not wear clothes at all.

♦ Sometimes I don’t know what I am any more. Feels like I’m a walking collection of old memories that bubble to the top so I write about ‘em, but the life I sort of lead isn’t much, day to day, except remembering stuff and writing about it. 

Not that I’m complaining. Am I complaining? Hell, yeah, I’m complaining. Other than writing up old memories, complaining is all I do. A man's gotta have a hobby.

For a long time I was Stephanie’s husband. Without her for three years now, I haven’t yet remembered what’s the point of being anything but Stephanie’s husband. Not sure there's any point at all.

♦ The co-founder of Snopes has been revealed to have plagiarized some articles, to inappropriately goose the site’s numbers.

I’ve never much relied on Snopes — I know what journalistic sources to trust, and pay no attention to most of the lies that go viral — but Snopes has never set off my scumbag alarms. And even this doesn’t sound the alarm, because the site’s response has been appropriate.

All is forgiven. I won’t be visiting Snopes any less often than in the past. 

What it really means to be a hipster: “One of the benefits of getting older is being able to easily see through the pretensions of youth. Whenever someone living in a major city like New York tells you today he or she is a 'hipster,' run for the hills. Fraud is written all over them.” 

♦ America spent twenty years and a few trillion dollars trying to occupy Afghanistan. As of five years ago, 7,000+ Americans had been killed in the process, and 43,000+ Afhgans. It’s hard to imagine how much more hated America is in Afghanistan, than before US forces arrived. 

Now, finally, the US is too-slowly pulling out, and the Taliban will soon control Kabul. Seems likely as I write this, Kabul might fall before all the American forces and ‘diplomats’ are evacuated.

I don’t doubt that the Taliban are bad guys who probably wouldn’t like me. I wouldn’t like them either. But I’ll say this for the dratted Taliban: They haven’t spent twenty years and trillions of dollars trying to occupy America and give us an Afghanistan way of life.

♦ Millions of Americans take My Pillow’s Mike Lindell seriously, and I still want nothing to do with 74,222,552 American chumps.   

♦ This flying saucer fishing boat doesn’t really fly, but it’s a saucer and you can fish in it, which is pretty cool. 

Nestflix — fictional movies and TV shows, within movies and TV shows.

♦  Mystery links  — like life itself, there’s no knowing where you’re going:




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  1. For the last few months, my nose has been extremely leaky in the morning. Allergies, I guess. I'd go through a dozen tissues between 6 and 9 AM. So I've started using handkerchiefs instead. 18 were like 9 bucks. They won't appreciably add to the laundry bill. It'll save a little money, maybe a lot if they last long. It'll save some paper waste. I'm eager to see how they hold up.

    1. I'm getting that too. Wife had allergies that caused a dripping nose all the time, but I never did until the last month or so. Now I'm taking the pills she used to take.

      No hankies, though. Hankies are gross, full of wet snot you put back into your pocket.

  2. Even when your bored you aren't boring. :)

  3. There's many good things here but my favorite is the Jesus graphic. I want to print it and post it on the wall behind my desk.

    1. Dog sitting for the boyfriend. You would like his house. Its a house that garbage built. 90% of the decor was one mans garbage

      but also...3 dogs over 80lbs all scared of thunderstorms. The fattest one, a pitbull, thought that ONLY laying on my head would prevent the thunder.

    2. Did it work? Did it prevent the thunder?

      Science wants to know!

    3. It did not lol but she just tried harder lol.

      You would probably love decor collected from the refuse. Lotta good stuff there, and free. Its truly amazing what people will throw away.

      He just found a set of brand new Louis Vuitton carry on and makeup bag. Serial number says its real and worth about 800.00.

  4. Psssh trying to get that man to take a vacation. It was brutal trying to get him to take two days off for his grandpas funeral.

  5. You dont know anything about Afghanistan so maybe shut up. My uncle died there in the Army.

    1. Sorry about your uncle, and you're right, I don't know much about Afghanistan. Tell me what your uncle died for.


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