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#415  [archive]
APR. 12, 2024

The non-profit States Newsroom now has a full-time presence in all fifty states
    States Newsroom first impressed me when I lived in Wisconsin, and read the Wisconsin Examiner daily. Since moving to Seattle, I've been reading the Washington State Standard, too. These are strong, solid journalistic efforts, and there's one near you.  

NYPD officials orchestrated smear campaign of police critic using confidential details of her rape, lawsuit alleges  

Police Chief hailed as hero for running red light, causing wreck

US will require background checks for gun shows and online firearm sales
    That headline is far too optimistic. Much more likely, by next week there'll be a 2nd-Amendment lawsuit from Republicans, a judge owned by the Heritage Foundation will block the rule change, and there'll be years of legal action that finally goes before the Supreme Court. Where we know the verdict already. 

Vatican blasts gender-affirming surgery, surrogacy and gender theory as violations of human dignity
    This is barely news, and the headline might as well be 'Hate group hates', blah blah blah.
    But jeez, I giggled at the start of the fourth paragraph: "In its most eagerly anticipated section…" Even among Christians, and even among very-very-Christian fanatics, is there anyone who "eagerly anticipates" the Vatican's declarations of church doctrine? 

Florida's anti-trans bathroom law spurs harrowing vigilante attacks
    In other words, the law is working exactly as Republicans intended. 

Tenth consecutive monthly heat record signals looming doom
    We need one of our leading scientists to put his newborn baby in a rocket and launch it toward another world.
    (Too obscure? It's a Superman reference.

The wealthy are building "passport portfolios" — collections of second, and even third or fourth, citizenships — in case they need to flee their home country 

Why are so many young people getting cancer?

The Washington press corps doesn't have a freaking clue 

US government needs to be prepared for Trump's post-election violence 

Republican National Committee courts election conspiracy theorists to help watch polls  

Anti-vax wingnuts are trying to take over a Florida hospital 

Ohio to purchase mobile homes to train public school staff in firearms 

Saying prosecutors should focus on Antifa, judge frees white supremacist in beating 

Trump's discounted $175-million bond is, apparently, not a bond at all 

Amusing, Interesting, Outrageous, or Profound
    AIOP is my Lemmy page, for anything that's (in my opinion) amusing, interesting, outrageous, or profound. It's mostly a rough draft of this page, but you're invited to stop by.

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A Few Words in Defense of Our Country — Randy Newman 

Failed State — David Rovics 

Illegal Smile — John Prine 

On a Mission — Squid Physics 

This Land Is Not Our Land — Utah Phillips 


American sumo 

Patti Astor
actress, Wild Style 

Lyn Hejinian
poet and professor 

Clarence "Frogman" Henry
rock'n'roller, "Ain't Got No Home" 

Peter Higgs
structure of atoms and matter  

Robert MacNeil
PBS News Hour 

Trina Robbins
artist, It Ain't Me, Babe 

OJ Simpson
footballer, longtime grieving widow 

Sara Tafuri
actress, City of Women 

Arthur Taylor
activist for forgotten people 

Dan Wallin
sound engineer, Spartacus


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  1. When rich people say that problems like climate change or wealth inequality are overblown and people will be alright, they’re being truthful. They will be alright and the people they know and care about will probably do just fine. A lot of other people might be screwed, but if the wealthy gave a damn about other people we wouldn’t be in this position to begin with. Even if 90% of humanity dies in civil unrest/wars, mass migration, and so on that only knocks us back about 200 years in terms of overall population and the rich are making damn sure they’re part of the group that will survive.

    1. Yeah, shed no tears for the rich and powerful. What they've done to the rest of us, nobody will ever do to them. Even with the worst possible run of luck, Trump and Musk and their ilk will never know discomfort, worry, or sickness without easy access to doctors and medicine.

      If terrorists would target the rich, they'd be folk heroes.

  2. Doug I almost didn't click the O J Simpson link, but that's an excellent article!


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