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APR. 7, 2024

    Life and the news make me more and more cynical, so let's open with some sour thoughts.
    For what's more and more obviously a genocide, Israel will be scolded by the UN, but the bombings and killings will continue.
    For his many crimes, Donald Trump will never face more than affordable fines.
    The rich will continues to grow richer, the poor will grow poorer.
    Thirty years of doing jack shit about climate change will become 40, and 40 will become 50, and the world will be increasingly hostile and unlivable. There'll be disastrous floods and droughts and hurricanes, and until the end of humanity, and there will always be more and worse Batman movies.

US Congressman accuses major corporations of "colluding to demonetize conservative platforms and voices," because they don't advertise on Truth Social 

Mercedes-Benz workers in Alabama ask for unionization vote 

Another article explaining how Boeing killed itself, and hundreds of passengers
    Yeah, but I grow weary of what's said too softly in these articles, and never in the headlines:
    Every big company does this. Every company will always gleefully say FUCK YOU to its employees and customers, if FUCK YOU might raise the stock price by an eighth. 

We need to talk about Trader Joe's

Beastie Boys paid for trans woman's gender-affirming surgery
    That's kinda cool, this, especially since the Beastie Boys were not exactly a progressive band in their early years. 

Sacramento child molesters file bankruptcy 

Republicans' 'Freedom Caucus' balks at federal funding for Baltimore bridge reconstruction 

Documents kept secret since 2006 show cop (now NH State Rep) threatened murder and rape rampage when his 'relationship' with high school girl was investigated

Touching fentanyl won’t kill you. Why won’t cops and policymakers get the memo? 

'Qualified immunity' rejected for Tennessee deputy who turned a traffic stop into an impromptu baptism 

Right-wing media and the death of an Alabama pastor: An American tragedy 

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred seems to hate baseball, its fans, its players, and the best of its traditions 

Tennessee passes 'chemtrail' bill banning airborne chemicals

Let me rewrite that for you: NY Times misinforms readers about RFK & Biden  

Trump's bizarre, vindictive incoherence has to be heard in full to be believed 

Trump wants to jail his opponents, and nobody seems to care 

Mr Rogers explains how crayons are made [VIDEO]

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I'm Not a Good Person — Pat the Bunny 

Oh Yeah — Yello 

That Kind of Girl — Mary Lou Lord 


Kate Coleman
journalist who made enemies 

Jerry Grote
baseballer, New York Mets 

Bruce Kessler
TV director, The Monkees 

Hella Pick
foreign correspondent 

Lynne Reid Banks
author, The L-Shaped Room

Adrian Schiller
actor, Doctor Who 

John Sinclair
jazz poet 

C.J. Snare
rock'n'roller, FireHouse


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